We offer common types of used HVAC equipment that includes: Groovers, Collar machines, Elbow machines, Nibblers, Stitch and spot welders, Cutting tables, Roll formers, and Coil lines. Used HVAC equipment is the budget conscious way to control costs.

HVAC fabrication equipment is a major part of most sheet metal fabrication businesses. When any of these machines need to be replaced, the cost can create major budget problems. This is especially true if the sheet metal fabricated is for custom engineered projects that require compliance to a specified engineering design. There are two common types of materials from which HVAC ductwork may be fabricated: aluminum and galvanized steel. In many industrial processes HVAC equipment needs to be fully compatible to create custom HVAC systems with non-standard configurations. To the untrained eye, HVAC ductwork may appear to be a relatively horizontal network of ducts connected to the heating/cooling unit/s. The type of HVAC equipment is used to create a ducting network with a plenum, several elbows and straight or curved pieces of ducting, depending on the location of the ductwork. For sheet metal fabricators, this can mean purchasing several major types of HVAC equipment. This equipment is used on a regular basis to fill customer orders. Over time, the equipment begins to wear and requires immediate replacement. Used machines are a good way to reduce operating costs and the burden on business budgets. By purchasing used elbow machines, collar machines, nibblers and groovers, sheet metal shops can maintain fabrication costs without having to escalate the prices on their services and products. Another feature of purchasing used, refurbished machines is ready availability and no loss of down time on customer orders. Rather than reinvesting in new equipment for HVAC ductwork fabrication at higher costs, used equipment is available for budget conscious business owners. When it's time to replace existing equipment, review the products we have in inventory then call us for a price quote. One or our expert sales staff will provide details on pricing and specifics on brand name equipment. We offer a complete line of used fabrication equipment. Don't delay. Call today.