Our used milling machine inventory is many and widely varied in capability. If you have a special need production part, chances are you’ll find a milling machine in this category that will fill the bill. General milling machine types found in this group are as follows; Geared Head Bridgeport, Knee Mill, Vertical Mill with a second horizontal spindle, Horizontal Boring Mill, Table Mill, C-N-C Vertical Mill, and my personal favorite, the Jewelers Mill. Table sizes range from 9 inch width to 30 inch width, with table lengths ranging from 48 inches long to 63 inches long. The machine Manufacturers in this group read like the “who’s who” of milling machine suppliers like; Republic Lagun, Cincinnati, Chevalier, Giddings & Lewis. Folks, check back often, these machines come and go quickly, and remember one phone call gets you in to see these machines under power.