Used Spot Welders and More

Used spot welders, used MIG and TIG welders, even used welding positioners — Jorgenson Machine Tools has a variety of used welding-related products in stock at any given time.

Please browse our selection of used spot welders and other welding categories. If you can’t find what you need, please call and we will see if we can locate it for you.

Fabricators in All Ages Needed to Weld Metal

Welding can trace its historic development back to ancient times. The earliest examples come from the Bronze Age. During the Iron Age the Egyptians learned to weld pieces of iron together. Many tools were found which were made approximately 1000 B.C. During the late 1800s, gas welding and cutting was developed. Arc welding with the carbon arc and metal arc was developed and resistance welding became a practical joining process. Advancements begun to come virtually every decade of the 1900’s. By World War 2 most welding methods we use today were either in full use or about to be. During the construction boom of the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s enhanced methods were being implemented as soon as they reached practical use.

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The Wide World of Welding

Let’s take a minute to talk about welding, and start by looking at how many different types of welding methods there are. It is interesting to see just how many major sub-categories there are in each overall welding type. Partially because the incredibly diverse nature of the welding industry, this discussion by no means aims to cover all the possible combinations of design that one would encounter in today’s market place, for either new welders or used welders.

Let’s take everyone’s old favorite, arc welding. Arc welding has no less than 10 major sub-categories or certain variations of the original process (including “Atomic Hydrogen Welding"!).

Oxy-fuel welding has within its own type of welding five different sub-categories.

Solid state welding has another 12 sub-categories (including “Explosion Welding").

Then there are the other big players in the welding world, like TIG, MIG, MIG Braze, Laser and the lesser-used Electron Beam welding.

Jorgenson has carried many of these over the years, but the main item we stock has always been the classic used spot welder.

If You’re in the Fab Business, You Gotta have a Spot Welder

Used spot welders have several advantages over arc welders that make them ideal for any size of fabrication shop, such as being more energy efficient and making a faster and more uniform weld.

How does anybody figure out how to have the right used spot welder at the right time for the right job?  The world of spot welding is as varied as grains of sand at the beach. At Jorgenson Machine Tools we feel as though we have no category of product we sell anywhere close to the outright myriad of equipment in this segment of machines and consumables. In the recent past Jorgenson Machine Tools has sold many of the biggest names in the business like, Taylor Winfield, Miller, Sciaky, Amada, American, just to name a few.

Where Would You Go for a Used Spot Welder?

You know, we’ve been around a long time here in Salt Lake City, conducting business in the Intermountain West for almost 50 years. Jorgenson Machine Tools had its austere beginnings way back in 1967. We have been selling new and used machine tools for all these years but that’s not really what we’re known for — what our customers know best about us is that we service what we sell. Our company motto is “Strong on Service" and every day we strive to do just that. Buying a used spot welder when your business needs to is something Jorgenson Machine Tools can assist you with on any given day. Our current inventory look changes almost day by day, we get in 'new' used equipment all the time, and what we don’t have one day we might have the next. Of course all our used spot welders are guaranteed to operate as designed at the time of sale.

So, armed with all this information, what do you do next? You know we have used spot welders, you know you can come see what we have, and by just simply giving us a call ahead of time we will be prepared to show you around. Plus, we sell used equipment clear across the country, so if you aren't local to us, we can still get you what you need.

If you are in the welded metal fab business there might be some other things we could show you. It pretty unusual that you would find a spot welder in the fab shop all by itself, the only piece of machinery there. No, there are numerous other machines seemly scattered about right along with the spot welder, and Jorgenson can help you make your shop complete. In addition to our used welding equipment, please be aware that Jorgenson Machine Tools has in our arsenal a selection of new positioning equipment, including welding positioners, tank turning rolls and welding manipulators (click HERE to see our selection).