Used Shearing Machines for Sale

New and used shearing machines for metal are easy to use and have a quick set-up time. In addition, they don’t cost much to operate, which makes them a smart choice for many metal-working shops.

Jorgenson Machine Tools has an extensive inventory of used shearing machines in a variety of sizes and configurations and are likely to have the right machine for your application. If we don’t have the machine you need in our used inventory, we also carry new shears in every size and configuration from such producers as JMT, Krras and Roper Whitney.

What Is a Shear?

New and used shearing machines perform the process of metal shearing, or cutting a sheet or plate of metal via a set of large, straight blades. In the vast majority of metal cutting machines, one of the blades is positioned downward, as the other blade is secured in a perpendicular fashion. These blades are distanced from each other by a tiny fraction of the sheet thickness. The upper blade is placed at an angle. This reduces the force required to do the full cut from one end to the other. Most of the time, the blades used in metal cutting machines have a square edge. Very few of these machines have a knife edge.

In The World of Machine Tools, Where Does the Used Shear Come in?

In the hierarchy of machine tools, the shear is not usually the first machine tool to come to mind. Unless you are a fabricator, these machines are not on the top of most people’s lists. They are not flashy, they don’t come with a myriad of different functions, their bells and whistles will not fill page after page on anyone’s sales quote. There is only one thing we can ask of a shear, give me a straight cut in my piece of sheet metal or plate steel. That’s it, that’s all there is, a shear cuts a long straight piece of sheet steel faster than any other known piece of equipment. What other type of machine can you think of that can cut, for example, one quarter inch thick piece of sheet steel 10 feet long, and do so in a matter of seconds? Whether it be a mechanical shear, a hydraulic shear, or a hand operated metal shear — just about any design you can think of — they all do pretty much the same job.

What Do We Know About Shears — How Far Back Do They Go?

If you consider the very first iteration of a shearing machine, it is in fact the humble hand scissors. Man’s first attempt at anything even resembling a piece of equipment that can part material in a straight line ends up being in his wife’s hands for the next couple of millennia. History — ain’t it great? The first known scissors appeared in Mesopotamia nearly 4000 years ago which dates them about 2000 B.C. For our exercise, we won’t go quite that far back.

Bench Shear Circa 1920The first automated metal shear that we would recognize today as a model of recent development appeared right after the start of World War II. As was the case for the Bridgeport mill, the Cincinnati surface grinder, and many other machine tools, it took a world war to force the latest development to appear in the production operation.

Metal shears would grow up in the 1950s when numerous design ideas began to arrive in the marketplace. Main differences began to make themselves known as some machines were being targeted to specific type shearing job requirements. Sheet metal shears arrived about this time targeted to that specific part of the fabrication industry. Plate shears generally lent themselves towards the heavier plate thicknesses greater than 10 gauge.

Not only were these machines making their niche in the market, different basic operating designs also came on the scene. The shear could now be a “mechanical shear," a "hydraulic shear" or an "all-electric shear.” Whoa — the simple old shear was beginning to get a bit less simple. Customers in the fabrication industry were beginning to see used shearing machines appear on the used machine market as the first tier companies were upgrading to the newest designs which fed the used market.

Let’s fast forward to more recent times. Today’s modern metal shear for sale has been yet again refined to be even more accurate and as fast as ever. Current day latest designs incorporate numerous safety features all intended to keep the operator safe while operating the shear.

With Jorgenson You Can Make the Cut

This is where Jorgenson Machine Tools comes in. With our experience in shearing machine installation and real-time operations on the floor, your production is guaranteed. Be it a used shear or new shear, we have you covered for both proper application as well as for your floor support. Jorgenson Machine Tools has been around for 50 plus years and still supporting our customers as we always have. Our motto is and will always be “Strong on Service.”