If Your Budget Is in a Pinch, How About a Used Roll Forming Machine?

The modern day roll forming machines are used to process a strip or sheet of metal, passed through a set of rollers that form and bend the metal. Each roller in the roll former has a specific job in the shaping of the metal, and is able to be configured to meet the needs of the fabrication operation

Roll formers are able to process pre-punched, mid-pierced, post punching and all inline metals as well as sweeping, before cutting off the metal. Roll forming machines are typically used to create many different profiles of specific metals for the HVAC industry, roofing, gutters, rural or military building and sheds.

Longitudinal seams which run horizontally on the duct sections are important because these locks must hold the duct pieces securely and tightly and should not leak under pressure. They can be readily and swiftly put together on the job or in the shop. The common type of longitudinal seam is the Pittsburgh Lock Seam. Originally formed in the brake or press brake, today roll forming machines are used to form the pocket on one piece and the flange on the other piece. After one piece is inserted in the pocket, the “tail” is hammered over to close the lock.

Stranger Things Have Been Known to Happen!

If you walked up to a couple of guys having a conversation and you overheard them saying things like, "a Pittsburgh seam and a Pittsburgh locking seam," or maybe you heard, "double hem edge, single hem edge," what would you think? That these guys were talking about sewing class or something right? It would be a fair guess based on just what you heard, fact is, these gents are speaking about the different type seams you can find in the HVAC INDUSTRY!

These seams are all popular in today’s modern HVAC roll former uses systems throughout our homes and small and large buildings. For the foreseeable future we will be using metal ductwork throughout our structures to move air in the direction we want for various reasons. All this ductwork — what are you going to do?? Consider purchasing a used or new roll forming machine for sale from Jorgenson Machine Tools in Salt Lake City, Utah that’s what.

Why Buy From Jorgenson? Keep Reading and You Will See.

Hundreds of quality pre-owned roll formers of every variety have passed through our doors since we opened for business in 1967, so we know a thing or two about roll forming equipment, and likely have the perfect used roll former for your next HVAC job. Jorgenson Machine Tools has an outstanding and well-recognized service department, whose service techs have a combined experience of some 150 years, not including our service manager who has decades of experience himself. Our motto has been, for some 50 years, “Strong on Service” — we take that motto very seriously and strive to provide exactly that, from every level of our organization.

The Metal Roll Process Seems Simple, But There Is More to it Than That!

The modern roll former accomplishes its task of the roll forming process by using as few as 3 roll sets to the more typical 5 roll sets to arrive at the desired shape. In certain cases, the same roll set can be used to run more than one set up by varying the distance of the rollers. So obviously you would need to have a machine that has that capability — some don’t. The ability to vary the distance of the roll sets from each other not only gives the shop the flexibility to run different parts with the same roll set, there is no set up time job to job since you’re using the same set of rolls. Complex shapes or cross sections can require as many as 12 stations (roll sets) and some really complex shapes have been run with as many as 22 stations.

Could You Use the Extra Profits of Extended Seam Rolling Capacity?

The larger heavier duty roll formers can roll as fast as 85 foot per minute running a simple set up of 5 stations. As the number of stations increase to produce a more complex shape the speed per foot will be less. Typical speeds in a conventional shop running a roll forming machine is more in the range of 50-55 foot per minute as an average.

Another thing to consider: does the used roll former have lubrication capabilities? During the roll forming process — heavy machines or lighter duty machines — it’s all the same. Every machine that produces a shape via the rolling process will experience great stress between the rolls. This great stress over a relatively short period of time will wear the rolls to the point they can no longer be used. If the roll forming machine you have, or are interested in, does not have a lubrication system, this is one place Jorgenson Machine Tools can support your specific needs. Our outstanding parts department can supply you with a new set of rolls for your machine and then have your used set of rolls reconditioned, so you will then always have a backup set. We can also source a mist lubricating system and procure it for you or have one of our technical service engineers install it on your machine on your shop floor. Either way we got you covered.

Something in Stock for Everyone

We just by chance usually have an extensive inventory of roll forming machine manufactures at any given time, as our stock rotates frequently, you must check back with us often. We carry industry-leading brands like Lockformer, Flagler, Engle, and Iowa Precision. These machines have been built for precision, performance and ease of use.

When it comes to used roll forming machines, Jorgenson Machine Tools knows "how to roll." We got the machines, we got the parts and we got the service that nobody can touch. Check out our sub categories of used machines currently on our floor, you may see something you like.