Used Press Brakes for Sale from Jorgenson

Jorgenson Machine Tools offers a large selection of Used Metalworking Press Brakes for sale. Choose from a selection of manual, mechanical, hydraulic and CNC Press Brakes for all your precision bending and forming of metal products. Around here Used Press Brakes are our specialty and we really know press brakes better than anyone else out there.

A Used Press Brake Is a Huge Profit-Producing Addition

Every fabrication shop needs a quality press brake. Whether you have small or large quantities of commercial and industrial projects to bend or form sheet metal or metal plate.  Press brakes are a great piece of equipment and a vital tool in your production of manufacturing and fabrication areas. With the right press brake for your shop, you are able to form, bend and manipulate your plate and sheet metal with ease in a multitude of different sizes and thicknesses.

Why consider a used press brake? Well, the most obvious reason is cost. Today’s current crop of new press brakes are loaded with features that drive the price up considerably. A typical new press brake at a 10-foot capacity can cost upwards of $100,000. So you can get the capacity that you need to do the job, but at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

History of the Press Brake

It was sometime after the industrial revolution began, shops from eastern Europe to the United States realized that they needed a better way to bend thin sheet metal to various shapes. Basic machining principles were just beginning to be formed, as innovations were being introduced at a rapid pace. The “birth of metalworking” was just about to explode on the scene. The first recognizable press brake (sometimes referred to as a “brake press”) was conceived by a company out of Kentucky in the late 1870’s. This crude machine was the first working production press brake as we know it today.

Press brakes underwent constant improvement in design through-out the years, and by World War II the mechanical press brake reached its pinnacle of production. That did not stop the evolution of the modern press brake. Fast forward to today, the very notion that one is going to buy their first press brake may be quite daunting.

Let’s for a moment look at today’s selection of production press brakes. As for the type of function of the machine you have the choice of either mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, and all electric. How smart do you want your new press brake to be? Your choices there include, manual, automatic, basic CNC, advanced CNC. You have to figure all this stuff out before you even think about how long is the bending length going to be? How thick of material do I want to bend.? What sort and size of back gauge am I going to need, and how much automation do I need there? Buying a used press brake can be a daunting task. Luckily, we are here to help.

Jorgenson Knows Press Brakes Better than Most

Jorgenson Machine Tools has the experience to assist your company all the way to approved production parts. If you added up all the years of experience of our service engineers, you would find their number in the hundreds. Our Service Manager and company President together have more years’ experience between them, than a lot of our competitors have company-wide!  We can recommend proper tooling to get your production parts done correctly the first time. Trust our experience, trust our knowledge — we are a leading seller of new and used press brakes in the Intermountain West. Let Jorgenson Machine Tools be your partner in production. 

Jorgenson Machine Tools has lasted the test of time, buying and selling every kind of press brake known to man. Press brakes are our “meat and potatoes” — we cut our teeth on press brakes over 50 years ago. We know how to fix them, tool them up, and show you how to best set them up on your shop floor to make the parts you need. We offer a wide variety of used press brakes including, mechanical, hydro-mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic and servo-electric.  With our knowledge and expertise of press brakes we can help you find a product that is a fit for all of your metal forming needs.

All of our used press brakes have been thoroughly gone through and are guaranteed to make your part to specification. Jorgenson Machine Tools maintains a constant availability of on hand used press brakes. Very often we take these machines in on trade when our customers are looking to upgrade their capacity. Frequently — in fact most of the time — the press brakes we take in on trade are pulled directly from the production line and replaced by the new machine. Our used press brakes are in good operating condition because more often than not, the used machine has been serviced by us while it was in production in the field.

Supporting Your Used Press Brake

Jorgenson Machine Tools has been conducting business in the Salt Lake Valley for going on 50 years — who else would you trust your production to? We have the parts, tooling, and experience to support any need. Our knowledgeable service engineering staff have the experience — if ever needed — to get your machine up and running quickly and correctly. We have a formidable parts organization that incorporates two separate parts departments (new and used) with personnel experienced in machinery parts replacements.

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to give the “nickel” tour around our facilities. We think you will be impressed with what you see, and more importantly, know Jorgenson Machine Tools is here for the long haul. Don’t forget our motto: “Strong on Customer Service.”