Used Plate Rolls Just Keep Rolling Along, Most Designed for Decades of Use

Jorgenson Machine Tools is perhaps best known in the industry for our offerings of new and used press brakes and plate rolls. Our new JMT plate rolls are some of our biggest sellers, and we try to keep an assortment of used plate rolls in stock to complement our inventory of new rolls.

We buy and refurbish quality used rolls that still have years of production life left in them, and sell them for a fraction of what a new roll costs. If you can’t afford a pristine new plate roll, we invite you to look through our selection of used plate rolls, then call for a competitive quote.

Nice Way to Squeeze Out More Profit, Get a Used Plate Roll

Do You Have That Backbone Machine in Your Shop?

Has there ever been an instance when there wasn’t a “main, prominent, back bone” type machine that is the “go to” machine when the shop needs to make some money. Most shops have that machine, the one the owner started his business out on. The machine that seems to always be running with orders approved for production, waiting for processing. Well folks, in a modern four dimensional fabrication shop, they really rely on their 3 or 4 roll rolling machine, sometimes referred to as the roll bender, among many other terms used in the fabrication industry. The list of relevant terms or descriptions is longer than most of our arms. Here at Jorgenson Machine Tools we like to refer to these as metal bending machines. More often than not we call these mammoths of production simply used plate rolls or new plate rolls. Here at Jorgenson, you can often compare a used plate roll against a new plate roll, as both machines are on the floor.

We Didn’t Leave Out Sheet Metal Bending Machine!

We have a diverse inventory of used plate rolls in a variety of lengths. We frequently see lighter gauge used sheet metal bending machines come in and go right back out to the field. Often, we will have used plate rolls that are capable of accurately forming metal from gauge thickness up to 1-inch thick plate. Some of the used plate roll machines come with overhead supports, and other assorted options depending on the machines previous requirements.

Here’s the real reason you should consider buying your next used plate rolling machine from the people you can both trust not to sell you a piece of junk and then be around to stand behind it. We have been conducting business in the fabrication machine sales industry for over 50 years now in Salt Lake City. Couple that fact with the idea that just about every brand of plate rolling machine is built to last a couple of life times. Folks, if you have ever been around a place that uses these machines for forming plate the first thing you’re going to notice is the absolute bulk of the especially larger plate rolls. Your eyes would not be fooling you, these machines are massive and as rigid and thick as can be. A 13-foot plate roll capable of bending 1-inch thick plate weighs in at over 100,000 pounds!

Used Steel Bending Machines, We Got 'Em!

Our plate rolls include both 3-roll and 4-roll configurations. The 4-roll machines provide better control and accuracy, and are easier to operate than the 3-roll machines, especially for less experienced machinists. The plate is secured in place by the top and bottom rolls while the side rolls move vertically to create the bend. With 4-rolls, the plate material can be squared against side-roll at the far side of the feeding point, which allows just one person to load the machine and align the material. 4-roll machines are more efficient because you do not need to pre-bend the material.  In addition, 4-roll machines are capable of bending conical shapes. Plate rolls configured with just 3-rolls are not as easy to operate, but are a good solution for the price-conscious buyer. With a 3-roll machine, the operator will need to pre-bend the plate in order to minimize flat spots. This is done by making a small bend at one end of the plate then remove flip the material around, repositioning and squaring the plate a second-time before making the complete roll.

You Need a Special Install, Customized Options, Accessory Equipment?

If your job requires specialized machinery, Jorgenson Machine Tools is right there with you. As a one of the divisions of Jorgenson Industrial Companies, Jorgenson Machine Tools specializes in turnkey applications to the customer’s specifications. In the case of plate rolling machines, Jorgenson Machine Tools can provide — but is not limited to — side and top support systems, vertical machine configurations, specialized surfaces for any or all rollers, large custom roller side supports, and last (but certainly not least), automatic load/unload systems made to customer specifications.

Our knowledgeable staff will help match your needs to the right equipment. If we do not have what you need in stock, we will do everything possible to locate the right plate roll for you. Call us for a price quote today!

Your Trusted Source for Used Plate Rolls in Salt Lake City!

Jorgenson Machine Tools used hydraulic plate rolling machines are the best investment you can currently make. The purchase price on many of these used plate rolls comes out to pennies to the pound, the design of these plate rolls is relatively simple and easy to repair. With the knowledge gathered by us over some 50 years of providing our customers with the best quality machines, along with technical knowledge provided by our own in-house, industry-recognized experienced team, your success is guaranteed! Couple that industry knowledge with our legendary reputation of caring for our customers and what do you get? A company that is Strong on Service!

Jorgenson Machine Tools — “Strong on Service”