Our Miscellaneous Category — For Everything Else!

If You Have Looked All Over, and Not Found What You Need, Try Our Used Misc. Machine Tools Category!

What else would you call the misc. category if you didn’t call it the… well… MISC. category, right? On occasion, depending on what kind of piece of equipment you’re looking for, you may find it here — or at least something very much like what you’re looking for. These are sometimes unusual pieces of equipment that we just can’t put into another category. Over the years, we have really worked the “catch-all” category on used misc. equipment and machines for all it’s worth, including such items as inspection and testing equipment, threaders, metal disintegrators, and even anvils!

Our miscellaneous used equipment includes machines and tools not represented in other categories like electrical equipment, heat treating machines, machine accessories and other types of tools used primarily in metalworking. We even have a “Used Machine (Misc.)” subcategory in here to group all of the other pieces of equipment that don’t fit in any other subcategories.

Sometimes Used Misc. Machine Tools Might Also Include Unique Ones! 

You might ask, "What all could possibly be in this catch-all group that I would ever be interested in anyway?" Whoa, remember we are discussing a wide-open book here, so literally anything goes. Over the years, we have learned that sometimes you have to leave a certain definition of a machinery group a little bit loose, just in case you get some real unusual machinery.

Seriously, some pieces of equipment end up in here if for no other reason other than they were configured to do a very narrow task function. The inventory listed here will fluctuate over time, as is the case with every other type of machinery we gain access to. You name it, we probably had one here at one time or other.

Heat-treating equipment? Yes, we've had a few major components of heat treating like ovens, furnaces, blowers, and mold fans. Sometimes even the ducting has gone with these assorted apparatuses.

We've taken all sorts of hand-held metalworking tools in on trade here, including the anvils mentioned above. You never know what people are looking for, so we have taken in a few quirky items on trade in the past, just because we know someone somewhere will eventually have a need for them — even in ways that are a little unorthodox. (One of our salesmen told a story of a machine tool seller that had a couple of anvils in stock. One day a fabrication shop owner walked through their facility, saw the two anvils and bought them on the spot. What the machine tool seller found out a bit later was that the shop owner had positioned the two anvils at the end of his company’s driveway, like two sentinels of the past. Apparently they looked pretty cool.)

In addition to taking machines on trade, we have accepted some customer-owned machines on a consignment basis upon agreement of both parties. Sometimes those consigned machines end up here in our warehouse, adding further to the variety of our menagerie of metalworking machines.

Our inventory of used equipment is always changing, so if you don't see what you're looking for on our web site, give us a call. We will do our best to locate the equipment for you.

Just the Fine Print

Jorgenson Machine Tools makes no claims pertaining to the suitability of the existing safety systems on the equipment we sell. All "point of operation" safety is the full responsibility of the end user.

Jorgenson Machine Tools is pleased to offer an exclusive 30-day return/repair privilege as standard on any piece of used equipment that we sell, unless specifically indicated otherwise. Jorgenson will refund the entire amount of the purchase, if returned in "as sold" condition, less freight to and from the purchaser's location.

Jorgenson Machine Tools offers a full complement of cleaning, painting, and repair services which gives you the ability to "Buy with Confidence."

Jorgenson Machine Tools: “Strong on Service.”