Take the PRESSure Off — Look at Our Used Metal Presses

Jorgenson Machine Tools offers a wide variety of Used Hydraulic Metal Presses for sale. Whether you’re forging, clinching, blanking, stamping, punching, coining, deep drawing, or doing metal forming operations, you’ll find it here with our used options provided by our fantastic service team.

Ask Your Maintenance Man if He Could Use Another Used Metal Press

All fabrication shops would benefit greatly from some type of metal press to get product out the door more efficiently. Whatever operation you’re doing with a hydraulic metal press; will require a certain tonnage to complete the pressing operation. We have a wide variety of tonnage capacity at any given time, usually ranging from 1 ton to 400 ton presses to choose from.

A common operation in fabrication is hole punching, which is why we have many options for punch presses. If your operation requires the sheet metal to be bent or indented then we have options for toggle presses as well. With our knowledge and expertise our staff can find the right metal press for your shop’s needs.

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The Tool Everybody Forgets About (But Are Glad They Have One When Needed)

If there is just about anything a new shop is gonna need, it is a — call it what you want — a maintenance press, bearing press, toolmakers press, shop press, punch press or a turret press. The venerable old shop press finally made the big time, by golly they even have two internet channels, one on Facebook and one on You Tube. Both channels feature persons crushing things with a 50-ton shop press. Innocent hockey pucks, bowling pins, and who knows what else are subjected to the immense pressure of the metal press.

Well, that’s one way to use a metal press anyway. Whomever came up with that idea to crush everyday inanimate objects, needs to get more work for their press. Although we do not condone crushing objects in a massive metal press it does, in a way, show the incredible versatility of the hydraulic press — or for that matter, any other type of metal pressing machine.

Over the years Jorgenson has seen some interesting variations of the shop press, mechanical press, and, of course, the hydraulic metal press. We have on many occasions seen metal presses come in still loaded with their production die in place. Our service department is well versed in both the application of assorted production presses, as well as the service and repair of all models.   

Used Metal Presses of Every Possible Description!

How do you describe such an assortment of used metal presses? As of the time of this writing we have over 30 used metal presses in stock. Currently we range from a small 1-ton bench press all the way up to a 400-ton mechanical wheel press and everything in-between. As far as what types of presses do we have in stock, we are literally all over the spectrum. Currently we have in stock a fair number of “C” frame presses, we also have a few punch presses, gap frame presses as well as a few toggle presses. Most of the weight tonnage capacity is up to 100 tons or less. If you only need a smaller lighter duty press we have a good variety of those as well, from 3-4 tons up to around 10 tons press capacity.

If It’s a Press You’re a Seekin, Then It’s a Press We’ll Be a Streakin... to Get Out to You!

As is typical with all our used inventory, machines like used assorted presses come in and go out at an amazing rate here at Jorgenson Machine Tools. Typically, we acquire almost all of our existing used metal presses on trade-in. Because of the nature of these types of equipment our experienced service team will put the press through its paces before we offer the machine up for sale.  If you see a machine on our website you need to call in immediately, confirm we still have the machine here, and then discuss with one of our sales engineers how to put a hold on the machine of your interest.           

A Little Bit of our History, and our Vision of the Future

Jorgenson Machine Tools, purveyors of fine metalworking fabrication machinery, both new and used, have been providing support for companies all throughout the inter-mountain west for almost 50 years. Along the way our company’s founder Mr. Roger Jorgenson, decided our company’s motto was going to be “Strong on Service.” Today’s Jorgenson Machine Tools, having evolved to a state of integrated internet and brick and mortar entity, is beginning to look to the future of machine tool sales and support. The company’s motto still remains the same, to give the absolute best effort we are able to, for whatever the customers need is.

To the serious metal-working machinery, cash-paying company that is in the market to make a considerable investment in a new machine, what makes up a trustworthy business partner anyway? We think the answer to that question is all of the following: An organization that listens to their customer, that provides the best possible solutions with the customers budget in mind. An organization that will treat the customer with the utmost respect at all levels of involvement. A partner in your production in that if service needs ever arise, one of our engineers will be provided by our own service scheduler. A company that’s not shy when it comes to having the right part at the right time. How about a partner that not only can tell you why, say, a different set of tooling might be better than another and why? And then have that alternative tooling right off the shelf.

The Jorgenson service engineers collectively enjoy one of the best reputations in the industry. In addition to our own service department, we have cultivated many associations and relationships over the years with an extensive network of metalworking machine service-providing companies that range from coast to coast. Some of these relationships have been ongoing for as much as 40 to 50 years. 

Our vision of the future looks a bit like our vision for the future did some 40-50 years ago. Because of what our company motto is, and more importantly what we think it is today, the similarity will always be there. We’ve been doing it this way for 50 years and aren’t about to stop now. If you are in the fabrication business in the greater Salt Lake Valley you need to know about Jorgenson Machine Tools. We’ve been located on the 2800 block of 300 West, Salt Lake City, for what seems like forever, we offer new and used fabrication equipment of many varieties, and we invite you to call us up sometime and arrange to stop by and see what we look like. Although we have a commanding presence on the World Wide Web, we are also a considerable brick and mortar operation as well, having operated in Salt Lake City since the late 1960’s. 

Jorgenson Machine Tools — Always “STRONG ON SERVICE!”