Used Lathes They Turn, But What Else Can They Do?

Who Couldn’t Use a Well-Functioning Engine Lathe in Their Maintenance Department?

When you have a used lathe for sale what exactly are you offering your customer? A machine tool whose main function is to turn the outside and even the inside diameter of a part to a smooth finish.

But modern used lathes can do so much more. Even though we almost always have a used CNC lathe in stock, let’s for a moment focus on the old reliable general purpose universal metal lathe. What can those do, and why do I need one you say?

Well, here’s a few of the things you can do with a good used lathe from Jorgenson Machine Tools: turn the i.d., turn the o.d., put threads on the i.d. and put threads on the o.d., bore an i.d., drill an i.d., turn a taper on an o.d., and probably more I can’t even think of. If that ain’t enough extra or emergency lathe capacity to have on hand, just check with your maintenance supervisor and see what he thinks.

At any given time, we will have a number of good used lathes ready for immediate delivery out of our considerable facilities in Salt Lake City. When it comes time to look for a used CNC lathe, we can help you there as well. Just like our manual machines, our inventory is constantly turning over, that’s why it is imperative you call us when you see a machine on our website.

What Makes a Lathe Such a Great Machine Tool Anyway?

Well, just think back about say the last 80 or so years of the metal working or metal removal industries. The era would start in the early 1940s when we found ourselves just starting out in a major world war. What would that put us on, 3 generations of machinists who cut his/her teeth on the lathe as the first machine they would have to contend with. Ever since the early 60s the number one training tool (machine) of places of higher learning be they high school or vocational/collage level was the manual metal cutting lathe.

Why the lathe? It costs more than a milling machine and drill press combined! The lathe took up more floor space than almost anything else in the shop. So why the lathe? We want to know! The answer is both simple and complex, the answer to both is well the lathe! The simple part of the answer is you can learn to do a lot of stuff rather easily in a short amount of time, the complex part of the equation comes in when you want to do everything a lathe is capable of. That’s why the educational systems of yesteryear thought so highly of the manual metal cutting lathe. The machine could stress the limits of both ultra-novice operators as well as some of the best operators out there today.

Knowing the basics of the lathe and its operation means the budding new machinist has to know a little something about the different metal groups, what hardness means, what’s the influence of feed rate, the right one or the wrong one. The influence of the proper rotational speed again both the right one and the wrong one. The new machinist will know a heck of a lot more about threading and tapping than he did before. All because of what started out as a simple tool in its inception. A used lathe might just be the best machine tool to start out a new employee, have that person stand at and operate the lathe with a simple set-up to produce some small part, if A. that new person can manage to run the lathe without mishap great, if you have a B. result then maybe move that person to a fork lift for a while.

Who do You Trust to Sell You a Good Machine?

At Jorgenson Machine Tools every lathe gets the “treatment” when we first take the machine in. After a thorough cleaning, the machine has a fluid change of every type of lubricant, then one of our technical service engineers will take that lathe “out for a little spin” so to speak, and verify the machines operation. If adjustments are necessary, they are attended to prior to the lathe machine for sale going on our floor.

Don’t You Get the Point? Used Lathes Can Be a Money Maker!

Once these fully-functional used metal lathes hit the sales floor it’s “game on” — we have many repeat customers that tell us we have become some of their daily routine in that they get to work, get a coffee, check their e-mails and then check our site. These are the folks that will get a shot at the cream del a cream if you know what I mean.

If You Need Any Kind of Metal Lathe, Why Look Anywhere Else? We Got Em.

Jorgenson Machine Tools has been conducting business in the greater Salt Lake Valley for almost 50 years. There is no competition currently anywhere in the Intermountain West region with more years in the application of fabrication tools and their support after the sale than Jorgenson Machine Tools. We sell them, we install and train on them, we service them for many years to come and try to keep parts in stock as well.

Our mission statement is to basically uphold the motto of our founder, Mr. Roger Jorgenson: Roger was fond of the saying “Strong on Customer Service,” that is the official motto of Jorgenson Machine Tools and will remain so for the foreseeable future. Somewhere along the way the flexed bicep became part of our motto and began to be included along with the phrase. We kind of like it because everybody who sees it knows right away who’s comin' around the corner. Jorgenson Machine Tools, 2800 block of 300 West in Salt Lake City, give us a call sometime and arrange to pay us a visit.