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Our used fabrication equipment makes your job of cutting, bending, and assembling easier and faster. We carry a wide inventory of welders and welding positioners, EDM machines for cutting metal, as well as punches, notchers, benders and ironworkers.

Reliability is key for any kind of fabrication equipment, which is why we only offer machines that have been built to deliver years of reliable performance. We sell all the major brands such as Amada, Mitsubishi, Lockformer, Pacific Controls and others.

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Used Fabrication Equipment — What a Valuable Resource!

Wow, the title says it all in our “used fabrication equipment” section — we have nothing but home-run hitters. Big time production capabilities abound in this segment of used equipment that we have available to our customers. If the right job comes along and the right used sheet metal or other metalworking machine becomes available, beautiful music can be made. The interesting thing about this section is that just about all the metal fabrication tools in here are potential big producers, bound to boost production at a fraction of the cost of new.

Whenever we visit a state-of-the-art fabrication house, we often muse to ourselves: "How did the folks in this industry get by a hundred years ago?" Without a powered sheet metal bender or many of the metal bending tools we enjoy today, life in the 1800s fabrication business must have been a bit difficult. Not even a fork lift, for crying out loud! Many of the early pioneers of the modern-day fabrication industry back in the day probably looked more like a black smith shop than a fabrication company. Not much in the way of sheet metal tools back then — but if you think about it, sheet metal had not even been invented yet!

What if an Order Comes in, and You Have No Machine to Do the Job?

This is the point where pure luck combines with exact timing and you happen upon the right used fabrication machine right where it needs to be — at Jorgenson Machine Tools, of course! With all the machines there are in the fabrication universe to choose from, there is a better than 50% chance we could hook you up with what you needed to get your production done. At the time of this writing we have some 45-50 machines in stock in this section, and it would not be surprising if you found exactly what you are looking for right here.

Used lasers of assorted sizes are a constant player in this segment. It is always prudent to keep an eye on of our used laser inventory because most often a used laser coming our way has been sold before it gets here. If a used laser manages to make it on our floor there are a couple of consistencies we will usually see. First of all, the used lasers are in excellent shape — these machines have not been abused and usually function as new. In many cases the company trading in the machine is usually looking to upgrade to either a larger size, or for more current technology (which is constantly being updated).

If we were talking about used benders, here again is a segment of machinery that can go from the mild to wild. (Well, maybe not wild — after all, we are talking about sheet metal benders.) We usually have an assortment of benders, ranging from attachments that can be powered or hand operated, to typically a bit larger floor benders which are usually hand operated. They come in a variety of styles, like flat bar benders, roll benders and sliding brakes.

You Got a New Customer, He Gave You a Big Order, Now What?

Now you really have to make a decision, you got this new customer that laid a really big order on you and now you have to look into your crystal ball for what to do about the future. O.K. you’re going to have to invest in equipment to produce the order you already have in hand, right? What if this is the only order you get from this customer, what if you buy a whole coil line and your new customer goes away? Here is always a last resort you can consider: if you brought your equipment from Jorgenson Machine Tools, then you always have the option of trading that same equipment back to us for something else you can use.

Let’s say you invested in an uncoiling machine, straightener and high speed press, only to realize you could use something else on your floor instead. Well, come on back and we’ll do what’s necessary to put a smile on our customer’s face. We could turn that coil line back into something like a nice used punch press, say a, turret or a flange press, or web punch. Nothing is impossible where customer service means customer satisfaction.

Another plate processing machine type prowls this very category. The "E.D.M." — Electrical Discharge Machine — is a member of the group of machines in the category. EDMs have been developed and refined into what could be as small as a 2 foot by 2-foot square operating area. So now you got this little machine that takes up almost no floor space that can cut through just about any metal up to 3-4 inches thick.

Don’t need an EDM machine? How about a notcher? Now we are really talking old school. Position your piece under the ram, hit the foot petal, and boom, just that quick you just notched a piece of angle iron, H-beam, or even a tube with the right setup.

How Does One Take Advantage of All the Good Things That Are Available?

Jorgenson Machine Tools has the used equipment, has the industry knowledge and has the experience to bring the correct solutions to any production need. With our five decades of providing machinery solutions to both the fabrication and chip machine industries, we can do what it takes to solve your production requirements.

If your budget allows, Jorgenson can provide you with a new machine solution to your production needs. If a used machine makes more sense, we can usually offer numerous options at the time of need. If we don’t have the perfect machine for your application on hand, we will utilize our extensive network of used machinery suppliers that we have cultivated relationships with in order to get you the best deal possible.

Jorgenson Machine Tools has basically been operating the same way since our inception some 50 years ago. Although we have overhauled our entire company and are firmly on our new course to carry us through the next 50 years, we still remember where we came from.

Jorgenson Machine Tools: “Strong on Service — Long on Customer Satisfaction”