If Your Need Is to Bend Profiles, a Used Angle Roll Could Be the Answer

Or, What’s Your Angle on Getting a Used Roller?

Used angle rolls (also known as profile rolls and section rolls) are an economical solution for bending angle iron, solid bars or tubing in your production. Our angle rolls can bend a wide variety of sizes and profile configurations.

You’re Looking for a Roll Bending Machine, Check out Our Used Angle Rolls

These used profile bending machines offer the same functionality as new machines, but at a fraction of the price. Check out our inventory of pre-owned machines to see if we have the size of roll that you need (and if we don’t have the right size machine in our used inventory, we can also provide new high quality angle rolls at value prices).

"Rolling Down the River" — or Maybe Rolling an H Beam

To select the right size machine for your shop, you need to know what type and thickness of material you plan to bend, as well as what profile (like angle iron — see chart below). One of our experienced salesman can help you determine the correct machine size for your fabrication needs.


Examples of different kinds of metal profiles that can be rolled with a profile rolling machine (angle roll), provided it has the right tooling (rolls) installed:

Profile Examples for Angle Rolls


Configurations of rolls (tooling) for rolling different profiles of metal:

Roll Configurations for Different Profiles


Jorgenson Machine Tools has long been recognized as the industry leader when it comes to application knowledge and experience. Having been the business of providing support for our customers for over 50 years we seen and learned a lot. Besides our internal experience in the application of these machines, we always have the support and knowledge of our manufacturing partner, with a good working relationship built up over the many years of close collaboration.

When it comes to tooling, all the configurations shown above are available, as well as any configuration that requires made-to-print specific special rolls.

Angle Rolls or Profile Benders or Bending Rolls — They're All the Same (Literally)

If there was ever a machine tool that has more names than uses, it’s the angle roll, and you can do a heck of a lot with a profile bender. (See what I mean?)

One of our salesmen recently completed a large spreadsheet comparing angle rolls and as he compiled all the different data he came across so many terms for the very same machine. Can you imagine a young lad just starting out, working at his first job in a fab shop, and here is what he might hear down on the shop floor: "Hey kid, get me 20 feet of D.O.M. tubing, 2 x 2 x 1/8, and put it by the bending machine," or "Get me 1-inch diameter cold-rolled solid bar and bring it to the metal rolling machine." This poor fellow might be told, "Get me so and so material and come over to the section rolling machine." Huh? Even the brightest of these young lads might get a bit confused. The more old timers that work out in the shop would probably mean the more names this piece of equipment is called. (For the record, most people agree it’s an “angle roll.”)

Now that we have that all sorted out, let’s discuss your specific requirements. If you believe that automation increases output, our used angle rolls can be fitted with an NC control, a CNC control, or digital read out for side supports. These machines can also be purchased with wired or wireless remotes, spiral bending mechanisms and hydraulic control of lateral guide rolls in an additional 2 axis.

What if an Angle Roll Won’t Do What You Want?

If the used roll you’re interested in needs an upgrade for a specific capability, we have many options. Special profile rolls are available designed per customer blueprint. Rolls and tooling can be made available for beam and channel bending. Infinitely variable rotation speed control is a must for turning the rolls at a specific speed for special materials. Jorgenson Machine Tools also offers a special mechanism to prevent deformation on U-I-H bending. If a feature you desire is not listed above, please contact your local Jorgenson Machine Tools Sales Representative as we probably have what you need.

Why Buy from Jorgenson Machine Tools and Not the Guy Down the Street?

Just in case you haven’t heard, Jorgenson Machine Tools has been in the business of providing the highest quality fabrication equipment to industry for over 50 years. We strive to support our customers every way possible. We can provide installation of a used or new angle roll per customer needs. Our outstanding service staff can train your operators so they become proficient in operating the new piece of equipment and will stay onsite until our customers are satisfied. Our motto, “Strong on Service,” was established by our founder Roger Jorgenson back when he started the company, low those many years ago, and is as true today as it was then. 

Jorgenson Machine Tools: “STRONG ON SERVICE”!