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Our first purchase was a pan and box brake, about three years later we purchased a 10’ x 1/4” hydraulic shear. The outstanding service we received during and after the purchase of these two pieces of equipment is what led to our most recent purchase from them, a Krras 10’ 120 ton CNC press brake. What a sweet machine! You can’t beat the features of the Krras machine for the money. The Delem control system is easy to use, and it, combined with the rugged quality of the brake itself has cut our forming time by 75%.

Their staff spent two days here training our employees to operate the machine and they stop in from time to time just to make sure everything is up to snuff. Their sales staff are always helpful when we call with questions and are extremely knowledgeable about the equipment they sell. Their service team is equally astute at what they do and are quick to respond when you need them and very efficient in the way they operate. I like working with good people, people you can take at their word, and I have never worked with any better than the Jorgenson team. Over the years they have become much more than vendors, they have become partners. I highly recommend Jorgenson Machine Tools to anyone looking for industrial equipment because the real value of any piece of equipment is the service that backs it up.

Steve RobisonRCF Inc.Fillmore, Utah

They are an honest and reliable company and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one more JMT press brake from them.

In a two year period we purchased a 1600-ton press brake, a 2000-ton press brake, a plate roll, a shear, a welding positioner, a CNC pipe bender and various tooling and parts.

They stand behind their products with all the support you need (training, parts, you name it).

One of my machines broke down and the part was 7 to 10 days out. I called the Jorgensons and they took the part I needed out of a new floor model and had it delivered to me in the same day.

I was very impressed.

Morten Petersen
Universal Industrial Sales, Inc.

Morten PetersenUniversal Industrial Sales, Inc.

About Jorgenson Machine Tools:
Keech Steel purchases all of their machines from Jorgenson Machine Tools, Jim Scott said. “We’ve known and worked with them through previous employers for 40 years now,”, Jim Scott said. “They are strong on customer service, just like their slogan says”, he continued. “We don’t have to look at other dealers when we are buying equipment for our business. With Jorgenson, we know we’ll get the best deal, and we’ll be taken care of immediately for any servicing we need.””

About JMT Press Brakes:
“Our new JMT Press Brake really gives us the ability to bend cones and transitions from light gauge to 1 1/4” thick. Before we made this purchase, we were outsourcing to other fabrication shops. We needed to take this in house so that we could control quality and delivery.”

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Jim Scott saysKeech Steel Corporation