Bending or shaping tube or pipe straight stock material into different shaped forms requires the use of special bending machines. Jorgenson Machine Tools offers a variety of JMT and Ercolina brand bending machines to meet your needs. These machines work well with round, square or rectangular profiles.

We sell several styles of tube benders, including top benders, rotary draw benders, and mandrel benders. Whether you’re making a simple piece with a single bend or forming a more complex shape with several bends, we have the right machine for your job.

The basic bending process involves applying a mechanical force to the stock pipe or tube, pressing it against a die to form a bend with the desired radius. This process can result in some deformity to the pipe, often resulting in an oval shaped cross-section.

Rotary draw machines are very popular because they create aesthetically pleasing bends by using special tooling or die sets. The tooling helps maintain a constant center line radius resulting in a precise bend. Rotary draw machines are beneficial when making complex parts that have multiple bends.

When using a mandrel tube bender, a steel rod or linked ball is inserted inside the pipe while it is being bent to give the material extra support. This added support prevents the material from deforming.