Structural steel fabricators can save time and money with our revolutionary JMT brand Akyapak Drill Lines. We sell a Beam Drill Line, a Flange Drill and an Oxy/Plasma Combination machine for plate drilling.

Our CNC Beam Drill line has three independent machine heads, so you can perform three different operations simultaneously and three different axes, which increases your productivity. This machining center features a large, 20 inch work envelope.

Our CNC Flange Drill uses advanced CNC technologies to deliver superior drilling accuracy. This machine holds up to 16 different tools and is able to drill, tab, mill, and scribe. It can handle material up to 39 inches x 59 inches.

Our combination Oxy/Plasma machine gives you the flexibility and benefits of Oxyfuel and Plasma cutting in one machine. Using a combination machine can make your plate cutting operations more efficient, save capital resources and take up less space in your shop.