We sell different styles of sheet metal brakes for bending thin gauge metal including Finger Brakes, Leaf Brakes, and Bending Brakes. Choose the style brake that best fits your application.

On Finger Brakes, the bending edge on the upper beam is comprised of adjustable metal bars called 'fingers'. These fingers can be adjusted or removed making this style machine suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as shaping boxes. Leaf Brake machines have only a few moving parts, which makes them easy to set-up and operate. Using a leaf brake you can accurately bend large, awkward-to-handle pieces of metal. You can form many complex parts by performing a series of simple bends on the leaf brake. With a leaf brake the bending fabrication possibilities are endless. Bending Brakes come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Many can be fitted with dies for special bending applications, such as radius bending.