Our collection of CNC routers deliver endless, high quality productivity in a short amount of time to help slash labor costs and reduce waste. Routers cut and bore various hard materials such as wood, plastics, aluminum composites, foams and more with little supervision needed and minimal manual effort required.

The functionality of the CNC is unmatched in its ability to repeatedly create identical products, it uses a computer generated system that can be programmed to produce a desired result. The use of CNC routers are like having a skilled carpenter at work for you, with much less potential for error and high levels of accuracy. They are used in projects like door carvings, wood signs and panels, molding, furniture and more. CNC routers can run almost constantly with very little downtime needed for occasional maintenance which provides highly efficient production. These machines have heavy duty solid base steel frames and a robust design that were made to endure rugged conditions in factories, shops, plants and warehouses. You can be sure your CNC router will provide generations of use with all the specifications you need and more.