Milling machines are used to cut and shape solid pieces of metal into precision parts. Milling machines use rotary cutters to remove metal in a series of small cuts. Milling machines are classified by the orientation of the cutting spindles, either horizontal or vertical.

On horizontal mills, the cutting spindle is mounted on a horizontal arbor above the table that is in the XY plane. If you are machining large or heavy pieces of metal, then a horizontal mill is a good choice because it has a large work envelope and the configuration allows for rapid removal of a large amount of metal material.

Vertical milling machines are suitable for precision cutting. They have spindles oriented vertically, which allows them to accurately cut both the top and bottom sides of the work piece.

Jorgenson Machine Tools sells both horizontal and vertical of milling machines with manual tool controls. Our manual milling machines are a cost effective solution for customers who do not need to make frequent tool changes. We also offer a line of CNC Milling Machines for those customers who are producing a large volume of different parts or parts with complex patterns.