CNC metal lathes are very similar to the manual lathe in their ability to cut and turn metal at high speeds, but it requires little to no physical effort with the help of a computerized system for programming specific operations and speeds. The advantages of a CNC lathe is the ability to make precise cuts using index-able tools. These lathes can be used continuously with only occasional supervision needed, the process can be monitored through computer interface which stimulates the manufacture process.

Most CNC lathes include 12 tools holders and coolant pumps that minimize tool wear. These automated lathes are resilient work horses that can be used non-stop and they only need to be turned off for occasional maintenance. CNC Lathes are safer than manual designs because they are completely enclosed with no contact with moving parts. Our CNC lathes have the ability to reduce time and money through quicker completion times as well as less repairs and faster, accurate results you can count on.