Bending or shaping tube or pipe straight stock material into different shaped forms requires the use of special bending machines. Jorgenson Machine Tools offers a variety of JMT and Ercolina brand bending machines to meet your needs. These machines work well with round, square or rectangular profiles.

We sell several styles of tube benders, including top benders, rotary draw benders, and mandrel benders. Whether you’re making a simple piece with a single bend or forming a more complex shape with several bends, we have the right machine for your job.

The basic bending process involves applying a mechanical force to the stock pipe or tube, pressing it against a die to form a bend with the desired radius. This process can result in some deformity to the pipe, often resulting in an oval shaped cross-section.

Rotary draw machines are very popular because they create aesthetically pleasing bends by using special tooling or die sets. The tooling helps maintain a constant center line radius resulting in a precise bend. Rotary draw machines are beneficial when making complex parts that have multiple bends.

When using a mandrel tube bender, a steel rod or linked ball is inserted inside the pipe while it is being bent to give the material extra support. This added support prevents the material from deforming.

Bend with the Best with Tube & Pipe Benders from Jorgenson

As machine tools go (yes, we said machine tools), these often-demure tube and pipe benders put an incredible amount of capability into the hands of the smallest shops in the land. Let’s face if folks, some of these smaller tube and pipe benders do not cost a king’s ransom to buy. What they do is simply give you the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to the versatility of these machines, out of virtually any other machine you can think of.

For fabrication shops, large or small, owning one or more of these benders is a godsend for the companies who would employ their use every day. When asked about the importance of this type of equipment, one of our former salesmen commented, “If I had a shop where I had to do a lot of tube and pipe work, I would have at least one of these machines.”

Now, depending on how much work you would put through it would be the main deciding factor on how sophisticated of a machine you should buy. Read on to see just how sophisticated they can get, and still cost little money! 

What Can I Get for My Money in a Tube and Pipe Bender?

This is going to sound like some kind of cheering section for tube and pipe benders. Fact is, for not much in investment dollars can you get as much production capabilities as you can afford. There are at this time over a dozen different machine models available from us currently. A couple of the smallest machines are designated as bench-mount machines. Even though they are mounted up on a bench (or are actually portable), the capacity of these littler tube and pipe benders is still in the range of ¼" through 1¼" steel or non-ferrous tube. That’s a pretty nice range of capacity in the smallest of these tube and pipe benders.

On the big end of capacity these standalone machines can easily handle 4" capacity tube or pipe. Whoa, with 4" capacity we could all make professional race car style exhaust systems on the weekends in our garages and sell them to our friends. Seriously though, folks, these newly-designed tube and pipe benders really deliver in the production department.

We mentioned “newly-designed” — all the tube and pipe benders we sell are either rotary draw design or top bender design or even top bender rotary draw design. Any of these designs (in fact, all of these designs) are considered worlds-away better than the old outdated ram style machines of the past.

What is the Epitome of Tube and Pipe Benders?

On the top end of the scale, you will find that these benders have become a lay-down design, as most will (and do) work 20' tubes. Now you have a bender that will work 20 footers, is NC-controlled, can accept up to 100 programs, with ten bends per program in its memory. These machines come with a 6" touch screen for operation and programming that are usually located on a standalone control panel. These machines are usually equipped with variable speed bending and optional hydraulic clamping.

Again, for a smallish investment, when compared to the cost of other machine tools, your new tube and pipe bender can be had in 3-axis operation with DRO read-outs for both linear as well as rotational directions. These benders can also be equipped at this level to have a completely programmable bend sequence and a fully-automatic mandrel retraction.

Who Has the Experience and Knowledge in Tube and Pipe Bending?

That answer is Jorgenson Machine Tools in Salt Lake City, Utah. Our experience with these types of bending machines goes all the way back to our first days, some 50 years ago. We regularly stock these machines, and have the knowledge and experience to recommend the right machine the first time. We have experienced service personnel on call that can install your new (or used) machine and conduct training on it if necessary. Our parts department stands ready to respond to your needs in a brisk and professional manner. The answer is “Jorgenson Machine Tools,” because we are, and always have been, “Strong on Service.”