When It Comes to Sheet Metal Machinery, You Know Where to Go

Jorgenson Machine Tools sells a wide variety of machines and tools for forming sheet metal into shapes, especially those used for heating, ventilating and air conditioning duct work.

Our line of sheet metal machinery includes roll formers, benders, notchers, flangers, punches, beaders and crimpers, rolls and collar machines. At Jorgenson you’ll find all the sheet metal machinery and equipment you need to cut and form your own duct work pieces. Lines we currently carry include machines manufactured by JAG, Flagler and Roper Whitney, all leading producers of sheet metal machinery.

Why buy expensive preformed HVAC ducts when you can easily make your own with affordable sheet metal equipment from Jorgenson?

If You Can’t Bend It, Why Don’t You Form It?

That’s the beauty of an organization that can supply you whatever way you need to go. In metal fabrication tools, Jorgenson Machine Tools has a reputation for combining expertise with high quality machine tools, and getting a happy customer in the end.

Imagine: in as recently as 80 years ago, almost all sheet metal forming — be it duct work or any other type of bending — was being done with sheet metal tools by hand. Heck, a large percentage of the population had not even ever seen their first piece of sheet metal. From those humble beginnings, fast forward to today where every process of folding, joining, or sealing (or whatever process is out there) is now done at nothing short of astounding speed and conformality.

A good example of a modern-day piece of sheet metal bender machinery — and the one most likely to have been seen by the most number of the general population — is being used on the street out in front of your house. Any guesses? Yep, it’s the modern-day gutter making machine. Say what you will, we know it is a simple example at best, but here is the deal: you ever take a peek into the back of the van where the gutter just seems to ooze out of? All the way in the front of the van is a large roll of pre-sized sheet metal on a spindle ready to spool out. In front of that is the gutter shaping machine with all the progressive dies spaced out going out the van. About the time you see gutter emerging from the van, the shaping is complete.

The operator need only have a lot of room behind the van because he can extrude as many feet of gutter as he would need (40-50 foot long is not uncommon). Why would a small company be interested in investing this much money into producing on-the-spot gutter fabrication? Making your own gutters from raw material is much less expensive that a gutter purchased ready to install. But the biggest reason is the ability to pack up the portable gutter mill and set up at a different location in the amount of time it takes to get there. So this is a simple illustration of a sheet metal machine most people may or may not have seen.

Besides gutters, the air duct industry — again, back at the turn of the century — was making their product by hand bending material over pre-sized dies to first construct their product before they could install it. Today, there is a machine for every process associated with air duct fabrication. In the case of a machine to make the seam on either round or square ducting, you can pick from numerous different types of seam making machines.


Who Has the Support, Who Doesn’t, Can You Tell the Difference?

If you are just starting out in the sheet metal business our combined experience in selling and maintaining sheet metal equipment is second to none. With a fleet of service engineers at our beck and call, we can help make the difference on your shop floor. When we come to set up your new (or even used) sheet metal bender, our install always includes training on your shop floor. It is our intention to have all the operators that will run that new piece of equipment you have purchased from Jorgenson Machine Tools completely trained on the operational aspects, as well as the safety aspects of your machine before we leave your facility. Our parts departments are staffed with people who care about your needs and know how to get you your part in the shortest amount of time.

If you conduct business in the area of Salt Lake City, Utah, or don’t mind a couple hour plane flight to the greater Salt Lake City area, your best bet would be to arrange to come out and see what we look like. In this day and age of Internet sales, it becomes difficult for one to get a good grip on who it is they might be dealing with.

Jorgenson Machine Tools has been conducting business in the same general area for 50 years now (and the same street address for the last 20). We are a real brick and mortar entity, with a full engineering/maintenance shop, 40,000 some odd square foot of warehouse packed to the ceiling with the best quality machine tools. Whatever kind of sheet metal bender or bending machine you may need, we either have it new or used, or we will source a machine to your requirements in the shortest amount of time.

Our facility in Salt Lake City is our headquarters from which we have an experienced sales staff work from. Jorgenson Machine Tools was happy to bring online our new Atlanta area facility just over one year ago. We also maintain numerous satellite sales offices across the fruited plain. We are a responsive company to our customer’s needs, we will never stop in our resolve to satisfy our customers' every need. If you buy a machine from Jorgenson Machine Tools you will be the recipient of all the support mentioned above. We have been conducting business this way for 50 years, and we don't plan to stop now.

Jorgenson Machine Tools: “Strong on Service”