If Bending Is Your Intent, Do a 90° for Jorgenson’s Sheet Metal Brakes

How difficult is your bending job? Will a simple cornice brake that only bends in a straight line do the job? If your bending requirement is greater than just straight lines, we can offer you the box-and-pan brake. With removable fingers, its flexibility is almost endless. Need something a little more automated, like a high speed hydraulic bender, we can accommodate you with machines as wide as 13 feet bending length. Want something in-between box-and-pan or high speed hydraulic bender, how about a powered finger brake? If your need is such that nothing short of a full-blown CNC controlled bending machine will do, we can be of service there as well. Need a CNC back gauge? From leaf to finger to letter to combos we can provide any machine to any requirement. Our staff is highly trained and eager to assist potential customers in their quest to solve their production needs. Be the material low carbon steel or 6061-T6 aluminum or even 300 series stainless steel we’ve seen it all, and done it all. Get involved with the people that know how to bend metal.

From the Stone Age to the Computer Age, We Have Sheet Metal Fabrication Machines

Shortly after man first discovered how to forge metal he found the need to have to bend that metal as well. Equipped with a stone hammer and a good solid rock, primitive man learned how to make the metal yield to his will. Utilizing his primitive hearth, usually fanned by a child member of the household, and the metal fabrication tools at hand, primitive man would first forge the metal to create it, and would then return frequently to re-heat it during his forming process. Aren’t we all glad we don’t do it that way anymore? (Who would we get to fan the hearth?)

Fast forward thousands of years to today (thank goodness) to a period where metal brakes or sheet metal bending machines are sprinkled about the fruited plain. Today’s modern sheet metal brake — whether we are talking about purely manual human powered machines, right up to the most sophisticated CNC controlled marvels of productivity — these sheet metal benders are common place in the fabrication industry.

At Jorgenson Machine Tools we have the knowledge and experience to talk production from a 3-foot 6-inch finger brake to a high speed computerized brake that is served by load and unload conveying systems. We have considerable experience on finger brakes. Why? We actually use many of the sheet metal machines we represent in our own technical service department in the repair of both new and used equipment. As the younger technicians that enter our apprentice program will soon learn, the whys and wherefores of a simple finger brake are many indeed. They are taught that the bending edge on the upper beam is comprised of adjustable metal bars called ‘fingers.’ These fingers can be adjusted or removed making this style machine suitable for a wide variety of applications, such as shaping boxes.

Leaf brake machines have only a few moving parts, which makes them easy to set-up and operate. As we install equipment, and then learn from our customers, they provide a vast resource of actual on-the-floor productivity knowledge. It is from this knowledge that Jorgenson Machine Tools learns from. Because of that kind of knowledge, we are able to train the industry’s best service engineers on a comprehensive program on all sheet metal fabrication tools.

Who Knows Fabrication Machinery Better Than Jorgenson Machine Tools?

As often as is necessary, Jorgenson Machine will conduct in-house training sessions for our inside sales and marketing staff, with the most recent session being just on small to medium bending machines. The following is some of the knowledge we share among the sales and marketing departments.

Using a leaf brake, you can accurately bend large, awkward-to-handle pieces of metal. You can form many complex parts by performing a series of simple bends on the leaf brake. With a leaf brake the bending fabrication possibilities are endless. Additional knowledge that was shared included bending brakes that come in a variety of sizes and configurations. Many can be fitted with dies for special bending applications, such as radius bending.

We sell different styles of sheet metal brakes for bending thin gauge metal including Finger Brakes, Leaf Brakes, and Bending Brakes. Choose the style brake that best fits your application, or — better yet — call us, so we may put you in contact with the sales rep for your area.

Selection, Service and Support: Your All-in-One Supplier

Jorgenson Machine Tools has the knowledge, experience and product offerings unique in our industry; we like to say that we offer an exceptional value at a good price. We have been conducting business in the Salt Lake Valley and beyond for almost 50 years — we must be doing something right!

With our own staff of service engineers and our long-standing agreements with independent service providers, there is no place in North America we can’t have arrange for a service engineer to install machines. While our service engineer is on scene he will be conducting the training, and everything that comes after that.

Our parts department is literally second to none, and while being excellent at providing spare parts they are also a prime source for optional tooling that may be required to make your machine sing. (For example, for press brakes, we are factory authorized dealers of both Wila and Wilson upper and lower tooling. For any machine that requires punches and dies we represent the Cleveland Punch & Die company.) Need blades resharpened? Need any part refurbished? Our parts department is proficient in getting tooling reconditioned and returned to the customer in the shortest amount of time.

All of these things combine to make Jorgenson Machine Tools, your obvious choice for your next machine acquisition, be it new or used. That’s why we say: Jorgenson Machine Tools, “Strong on Service.”