Tired of Having Your Wallet Rolled Instead of Your Steel?

What was that old saying in the used car business, “Big or small we got ’em all!”?  As corny as that sounds, we do have them all. We are like a boxing squad or a wrestling squad in that we have a fighter in every weight class.

New plate rolling machines offered by Jorgenson are the “tough guys” in the neighborhood, having been put into the ring via cutting edge engineering and new manufacturing technology. With the use of design technology such as parametric 3-D analysis and mechanical and kinematic analysis, you have to know our machine bases are as good as they get. From 40 inches long, weighing in at a svelte 485 pounds, to its distant cousin of 161 inches long, weighing in at a less-than-svelte 124,000 pounds, Jorgenson Machine Tools offers no less than 125 different models of sheet and plate rollers, from simple light-gauge 3-roll machines, to massive 4-roll plate rolling machines.

If Your Need Is a Steel Bending Machine, You Only Have to Make One Call

For 50-plus years, Jorgenson Machine Tools of Salt Lake City, Utah, has been supporting the fabrication industry with the best of fabrication machinery. Over the years, we’ve sorted out the different suppliers into two basic groups. Those we wished to work with and those we did not wish to work with. Of the “keepers,” we have cultivated our association with these suppliers to the point where we can suggest machine design direction, and even optional equipment that will facilitate the North American market place. Certain production fabrication machines that we sell — such as bending brakes — are literally made up of components we specify, so as to relieve the issue of long delivery times for repair parts.

Jorgenson Machine Tools is committed to only a few really simple philosophies’ of conducting business. In no particular order, we will treat everyone we come in contact with throughout our day with fairness and respect, our manufacturing partners as well as our customers. We pledge to support the fabrication and chip making machines that we sell, regardless if new or used. After the sale support, will include but not limited to; competent install of the machine tool, full operator training, typically one-day delivery on repair parts. Any ancillary equipment in the way of conveyors, stock tables, material movement components, can be recommended and quoted per customer requirements.

On our 4-roll plate rolling machines, which can be had as a CNC bending machine, the top roll of the 4 rolls moves in a fixed rotation while the lower roll secures the plate in position and moves in a vertical motion. The lateral rolls can be adjusted according to the desired shape by choosing a single or double roll for processing. Utilizing the 4 rolls as opposed to other plate roller types, the constant pinching mechanism assists in preventing slippage which also makes it a choice which increases overall safety, while the bending machine is in operation.  Those who are familiar with plate roll machinery, sometimes referred to as, metal rolling machines, understand that the quality of production is imperative to the density of the plate rolls. Which is why our rolls are always composed of induction hardened steel A.I.S.I. 4140, which is indicative of the quality that allows a rolling range from 10 gauge to 6 inches.

With a Line-up Like This, Why Would You Go Anywhere Else?

The standard 3-roll hydraulic plate rollers we stock are machines just as packed with features as our 4-roll machines, but at a considerable cost savings. This range of plate rolls encompasses 6 foot 8 inches width capacity to 13 foot 5-inch capacity, with a thickness range of one quarter inch to one and three eights inch thickness. Main standard features of the three roll machines are: touch screen control with four multi-pass DROs, dual speed control, cone bending, hardened steel rolls made of 4140 steel hardened to 58 RC. Also, included in the standard features are: a heavy duty machines base induction welded with stress relieved welds, side rolls are electronically positioned and synchronized by a PLC, and high end precision digital scales. Automatic roll peripheral speed compensation, providing optimum distribution of torque among all three rolls. All rolls are seated in spherical bearings, top roll hydraulic opening device (drop end) creates an easy “pull out system.” for when the top roll needs to be replaced for any reason.  Side rolls up to 17.4 inches are hydraulic motor driven while side rolls smaller than 14.7 inches are come standards with rectilinear guides driven with a combination of hydraulic motors and planetary gear boxes.

Let Us Get You the Right Plate Rolling Machine the First Time

Give us the chance to consult with you for all you plate rolling needs and be assured that you’re installing the right machine for the job and at the right price. Then sit back and enjoy the increased productivity and profits that will roll right to your company’s bottom line. For creating curves in flat materials like sheet metal and plates, a plate roll is your machine of choice. Plate rolls come in various models to meet any given density, size or material. Our inventory includes three or four plate rolls which function similarly, both channeling a motorized or hydraulic mechanism that pinches the metal between two or three rolls and then forces it to curve as it meets the back-forming roll. Plate rolls are typically used for cylindrical forms such as cone bending, pre-bending of sheet edges and rounding of sheets into cylinder shapes.

A few of the advantages of using a plate roller are simple one-time alignments, secured rolling traction, correction of axial offsets and minimal foundation works for installation. Many of our plate rollers are powered with high-torque hydraulics to deliver quicker bending and reduce additional steps in between. Check our selection of hydraulic, motorized, and hand operated plate rolls today for quality results and improved performance.

Jorgenson Machine Tools: Service Strong, Sales Long!