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Some folks might consider this section to be the end of the road, but we don’t happen to be among them. We pretty much think this section of our machine tool website is just the ticket for some of these machines.

Our title for this section is “Metalworking Machinery Specials.” Some folks might define that term to mean, “must be the end of the product lines, hence the word ‘Specials.'” In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. What if we suggested the term metalworking machinery specials meant that the equipment included in this section is rather not end of the line equipment but unique pieces of machinery that are a little bit harder to classify.

Think about it — if you represent many lines of product, and each one of those individual product lines have many choices within them, you can see how it might begin to get challenging to keep everything in its proper place. So, what do you do? Well, depending what kind of organization you are, you come up with a category that cleans up the loose ends of product placement and listing which could then include the off-the-beaten-path machines but would also afford a spot where you could highlight any kind of machine tool you wished to put on a special.

What Is a “Special” Anyway?

There is more than one common, everyday definition of a “special.” We ourselves use the term to mean more than one thing. In one instance, it might mean we are putting a piece of equipment on special because we are simply overstocked on that item at the time. ­In another instance, we deem special to mean just that. The machine we are listing as such is usually a new design of an existing model or new model altogether.

The philosophy of Jorgenson Machine Tools has always been: If we have a machine tool that is new to the marketplace, or a model that will revolutionize its function, we promote that product by providing a special price. Why would we do such a thing? The thinking behind this promotion is we need to get the initial units in the field, so we can begin to look to spread the knowledge of this machinery and ultimately increase sales. Because of the method that we support our customers, customer testimonials on new equipment is usually not too hard to come by.

The Jewels of the Industry Can Be Found Here

Have you ever heard of the “ugliest dog” or the “nastiest cat” mentioned in the news that have like 10 million followers on Facebook? Apparently these two representatives of the animal world have gained notoriety just for being what they are. It is with a nod to that notion, we present our metalworking machinery specials category with equipment that will be highlighted and often offered up at special pricing.

This is actually a “win-win” situation, as this category helps both you and your favorite supplier (us, of course!) to benefit. This category helps you save some investment dollars on certain types of machinery currently on sale while also presenting the best in new and unique machine tool products that have just arrived on the market. This category helps Jorgenson Machine Tools in that we keep a good flow of machine tools going to new homes and it increases the feedback from our customers; in effect, it promotes more dialogue. That’s never a bad thing, having more and better discourse with your customer base.

Special on Tank Turning Rolls

We have a great example of the concept just described above, with the current machines we have on special offer. For the foreseeable future, Jorgenson Machine will be spotlighting here our advanced line-up of JMT Self-Aligning Tank Turning Rolls. These simple machines do exactly what their name implies, only they do it better than you may think, and for an awful long time. With specially-designed gear drives coupled to large commutator motors, conceived to run cool at low r.p.m.’s day-in and day-out, high production will still be a reality years after the initial investment is made.

The available range of weight capacity goes from 11,000 pounds to 220,000 pounds from smallest machine to largest machine. These self-aligning rolls do exactly that — the roll arm is hinged and can adapt to the radius of the tube or tank that is put on it. This allows for smaller units to be able to turn larger diameter tubes or tanks that a non-self-aligning tank roll can.

Don’t Forget to Check that Specials Page

Of course folks, a specials section or category is only as good as the frequency you can get your customer to check back on it. Said another way, if we can’t get you, the customer, to check back from time to time to see what we might have changed in this section then we've failed to create enough interest to make that happen. There’s another way you can keep up on the latest here at Jorgenson Machine Tools and that way is to have a conversation with your territory sales representative every now and then. Those folks are more than happy to clue you in.

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