If You’re Thinking New CNC or Manual Milling Machines, Think Jorgenson!

If there were a thousand different styles of milling machines — and there probably are — we would only handle 70-80 of them. That would be the top 70-80 milling machines in order of industry popularity and positive sales history. Let’s face it ladies and gentlemen you just can’t be all things to all people, isn’t that how the old saying goes? We suppose to a degree that’s true, but what if you could be all things to say the 90 percent of the customers you are likely to interact with? That is our focus with our current offering of high quality CNC and Manual Milling machines.

From small, light-weight high-speed mini bench-top milling machines to the absolutely ginormous plate and floor milling machines, we handle them all and with great proficiency. Over the decades, Jorgenson Machine Tools has developed a relationship with some of the finest manual milling machine manufacturers and CNC milling machine manufactures in the metalworking industry. We favor a relationship that the builders will consider and frequently improve their equipment based on information and customer recommendations provided by Jorgenson Machine Tools. Many of the major components that are used in the building of the machine tools we represent can be sourced locally so as to improve the likelihood of acquiring a part quickly when necessary. This comes as a result of our requests to source main components that can be acquired locally, should the part not be in our own stock.

If You Must Make Chips in the Vertical, That Means a Milling Machine!

Does Jorgenson Machine Tools know anything about milling machines? After all, aren’t they fabrication equipment dealers? The answer to both of those questions is yes! We have sold vertical milling machines (and horizontal) since almost the day our founder took the plunge and started Jorgenson Machine Tools. We have sold manual milling machines as well as CNC milling machines, if it has a motor and a spindle with a milling table we have probably sold it at one time or another. Let’s face it folks, we like milling machines about as much as any machine tool out there.

A former employee of ours recounted this experience: “I took a college vocational class one summer, and much to my surprise, we were out on the machines by the end of the second week. That class, loosely defined as a ‘Machine Shop 101,’ was an orientation of the basics of a beginning position in the metalworking industry. I say, ‘much to my surprise,’ because while we studied the beginning theory and practices, we also spent a ton of time on machine operational safety and general shop safety. It was my opinion there were a couple of people in the class that could have used a few more hours on safety, just to be sure they understood completely.

“Why bring up all this bit about the summer machine shop course? That summer was the summer I decided that the Bridgeport style knee mill was, without a doubt, my favorite machine. It was a close finish between the mill and the lathe but in the end the mill won out. Simple reason: mills are just too much fun to run, both in auto-feed and if you take control of the wheels yourself.”

Since You Can Choose Any Machine Tool Supplier You Want, Why Choose Jorgenson?

That’s a fair question, here’s a fair answer. Jorgenson Machine Tools has been around for the last 50 years working out of a couple different locations in the vicinity of Salt Lake City, Utah. So, if you consider that we have been in business for that long in the same general area, we must be doing something right.

Although Jorgenson has been in the Salt Lake Valley for all these many years, we have shipped machine tools to probably every state in the U.S. (and many points beyond). Besides our considerable service capability, we have grown associations all over the country with top tier independent service providers, which means there is no place in this great country of ours that we can’t service our customers. We have a seasoned staff of regional sales managers who undergo factory training on an almost consistent basis; these folks can recommend fabrication equipment to perfectly fit the customer’s needs.

In addition to all the above, we have a parts department that not only stocks O.E.M. parts for the machines we sell, but also handling optional parts, tooling and machine accessories. We offer a hotline for machine customers to call if they are in a “red light” situation with their machines. Nine hours a day during the workweek we have a manned telephone call-in line for customers that have questions on either machine difficulties or application information.

Folks, who offers more than this? Who has been doing all the support described above for decades? There is only one company can lay claim to that statement, Jorgenson Machine Tools that’s who. And that’s why we say: Jorgenson Machine Tools, “Strong on Service.”