When You Need to Mill Horizontally, You Know Who to “Turn To”

What’s this you might ask, a machine that makes chips available from my favorite fabrication machinery supplier, Jorgenson Machine Tools? When did these guys get into this stuff, you might ask yourself.

The fact of the matter is, the Jorgenson family has been selling chip making equipment like the lathe all along since their earliest days. One of our founder’s favorite activities was selling a big customer that may have just purchased a couple of press brakes from us a nicely equipped knee mill, so the customer could sharpen their own tooling. Milling machines, lathes, grinders, band saws — you name it, if our customer needs something he doesn’t see on our floor we make sure he knows exactly how long it would take to get a factory-ordered CNC lathe or manual lathe to his destination. 

Today, Jorgenson is ideally positioned to take advantage of the anticipated industry uptick (which we all hope is even closer than we think). With the fabrication industry patiently waiting for our government to finalize specifics, and release at least some of the massive projects that are currently being proposed in Washington D.C., there may be even more work than we can handle.

Jorgenson Machine Tools offers a variety of new metal lathes, both CNC and manually-operated.

No Matter What Your Need, We Have a Manual or CNC Metal Lathe for That

Big, small, short and tall, we've got you covered if you ever need to add a new or used metal lathe to your existing capabilities. We have metal lathes for sale in every configuration imaginable, from a small bench model right up to the monstrous vertical lathes with as much as a 100-inch chuck. If by chance you are in the oilfield business, we have big bore lathes with center holes as big as 12 inches. Run a toolmaker's shop or a small size prototype shop? We have a toolmaker's lathe in manual as well as CNC operated.

Ask yourself this, do I have any idea how large the modern production lathe has become? It’s not the sort of information people would pursue on a regular basis, unless they are a lot like one of our salesmen, who reported: "I am constantly intrigued with 'the largest of anything' stories when they come out, so the biggest lathe ever was a natural. It so happens that the largest lathe ever delivered story was right up my alley.

"Said lathe was 287 tons in weight, with a max turning diameter of an almost 158-inch diameter at the bed and a 118-inch diameter over the cross slide! This manual metal lathe could turn a part 315 inches long with a chuck that has a diameter of 126 inches. Last, but certainly not least, were the power numbers: a 215 horse power main drive motor with a total draw potential of 240 kVA! Or stated another way, as much power as it takes to run an electric powered locomotive.

"The machine was affectionately called, just simply, 'Vulcan.' Contrast that to one of the smallest manual or CNC metal lathes currently available with contrasting capabilities to the Vulcan, like a max turning diameter of 9.8 inches with a maximum turning length of 21.8 inches. This demure little metal cutting lathe sports a 1.3 horse power main motor, drawing a modest 1.6 kVA. So the point of all the above dissertation is: manual metal lathes, as well as CNC metal lathes, can come in all sizes with a remarkable range of capabilities."

At the End of the Day, Who Can You Trust to Support Your Investment?

Support — it’s all about that! You invest serious money in a new machine tool and what you need is just the utmost out of that new machine you can get. This is where Jorgenson Machine Tools rises above all the rest: we have the capability to install, maintain, teach and even recommend better ways of running your machine.

Our sales and inside support team are some of the most dedicated, trained, and experienced support people in the industry. In addition to that we maintain a service staff that is renowned in our industry as some of the most knowledgeable technicians in their field. Not to be outdone, we maintain two separate parts departments for the convenience of our customers. One of the parts departments is for standard O.E.M. replacement parts the other parts department is for special order and accessories along with optional tooling from the world leaders in their respective fields.

Jorgenson Machine Tools has, does, and will provide the industry standard in machine application, machine installation and machine training. Experience what it is like to purchase a machine tool from a company that seriously cares about your satisfaction long after the sale has taken place. We asked back at the top of the page, “Why would you buy a chip machine from a fabrication machine dealer?” We think the reasons stated above aptly answer that question — because we care. That’s why we are Jorgenson Machine Tools, “Strong On Service.”