The Great Question: Are You Really After a Good Drill or a Good Hole?

A member of our staff reported: “We were all listening to a gentleman speak at a pre-arranged meeting just before a major trade show opening. This gentleman was the U.S. president of possibly the most forward-thinking twist drill manufacturer of that day. He said, ‘Ladies and gentlemen, you are not in the business of selling twist drills, you are in the business of selling holes.’”

What do you suppose he meant by that? Should we talk more about what our tool/service/product can do for the customer on his shop floor? Possibly, but it doesn’t matter because you can’t drill a hole in anything without some kind of drilling machine. Boy, what an array of drilling machines we have available to us — how does someone sort through this maze?

If You Don’t Have a Drilling Machine, How You Gonna Make That Hole?

Since the dawn of time, man has struggled to make the everyday holes needed at any given time. Today is no different, we have sophisticated equipment and the state-of-the-art tooling, what could possibly pose any difficulty? Well, for starters you might find the need to make a hole in anyone of a number of different aerospace alloys, all of which prove to be very difficult to machine. How about composite material — a mixture of difficult materials in one — how much can one get out of a drilling operation? That is the question of the year, and it varies so greatly depending on what drilling operation you are attempting to do.

If you are drilling with hand tools or power tools or maybe cordless power tools, then you basically get what you get. But what if you set up an operation with a proper drilling machine, the best drill bit, hopefully designed to do what you need it to, can your expectations be higher?  Of course they can! Apart from the new dedicated CNC drilling machines, many horizontal and vertical CNC machine centers take on the role of drilling machine somewhere in their cycle. With the advent of the “deep hole” type drill and the ability to program more than one plunge to drill holes with a CNC machine, now many of the most difficult holes in industry have met their match?

What kind of drilling machine do you want or need? Does your worker need portable drilling ability during their work day? Will you need a drill press, or an even bigger drilling machine to accomplish your task? How about a radial drill — need to drill bigger holes into something? With a radial drill, not only will it drill bigger diameter holes, but it will drill them up to 8-10 feet away! Radial drills also spin on their axis up to 90 degrees in either direction from the center line to provide drilling capability within that arc.

Drilling machines available from Jorgenson Machine Tools are essential pieces of equipment for your metalworking and various construction needs. When fitted with a proper drill bit, hole saw, or paddle bit, they allow you to accurately drill and bore holes in a variety of materials.

Radials, Verticals, Step Pulleys and More — We’ve Got Your Drill!

Our drilling machines are tailored for a variety of needs that include radial drills, vertical drills, heavy-duty and step pulley drills. When choosing a drill, it is imperative to consider your specific need, and what feed pressure, speed and fixturing you require to get the best results.

If you need a hand drill, we carry numerous brands, all leaders in their respective industries. The next logical step up is a drill press. Drill presses will turn any rotary tool you put in the chuck, so you can do more than just drill with a drill press.  

Radial drills offer the greatest flexibility for extra-large holes and are the top choice for the toughest jobs. Step pulley drills and variable speed machines provide you with ultimate control with the most flexible range of spindle speeds that operate from 300 RPM to 5,000 RPM. It only takes 2000 RPM to turn a 1/8-inch drill at the factory suggested speed.

We know that every project requires special attention, which is why the drills we choose to carry were designed to assist you every step of the way.

Need help sourcing the proper drill bit? Our parts and tooling department can help you there as well. With our extended experience in assisting our customers in finding the right tool the first time, we can help you get the most out of your new or used drilling machine. Whether your need be a small bench size drill press for your maintenance department, or a massive 6-ton 4" diameter hole blasting vertical drilling/boring monster, or anything in-between, we can provide for those solutions.

Over the years, Jorgenson Machine Tools has made many relationships with just about every manufacturer of drilling equipment who is worthy of a relationship. In addition to the old line popular names we represent, we have traveled abroad to make new affiliations with quality suppliers from across the globe. Jorgenson Machine Tools has been doing business this way for 50 years, and it looks like all we have to do is keep doing what we do best. Sell our customers a high-quality machine tool at a fair price, service that customer with every means at our disposal and everything else will take care of its self. Jorgenson Machine Tools: “Strong on Service.”