Metal band saws are a must-have tool for any fabrication shop that needs to cut lengths of metal stock. Jorgenson Machine Tools offers several brands of high-quality horizontal band saws: FMB, Hyd-Mech and JMT. Our metal-cutting saws come in pivot or dual-column configurations with automatic, semi-automatic or manual controls to match your production needs. We also carry vertical band saws and a few other types of saws as well.

Our band saws range in size from small to large; we have saws capable of cutting stock from several inches to several feet in diameter. Depending on the brand, each saw comes with a variety of features and options to optimize performance. We only offer high-quality metal cutting saws built with sturdy frames and strong bows that deliver clean, accurate cuts time-after-time. We have selected models that are easy to set-up and easy to operate.

Metal Cutting Band Saws Are King!

Back in the stone age the caveman used to take the piece he was working on and put it between two stones, and smash it to more closely resemble the piece he needed. Well, we’ve come a long way since then; first we tried to smash it with two stones, then we went to trying to cut it with a blade made out of stone. As we progress we put primitive early metals to the test, first cast iron then bronze. It took us awhile, maybe about 1,000 years (so who’s counting anyway?) to bring us to where we are today.

Modern, sleek, highly-efficient cutoff machines have taken their rightful place on the front line of verifiably accurate production quotas. No more is the common production band saw machine left out of inclusion in the “machine tool category” on shop floors big or small. The metal cutting band saw machine was finally accepted as a bona fide production machine tool and companies large and small began to realize the importance of quality cut parts from their sawing departments.

We Have the Knowledge, We Have the Machines, Why Look Elsewhere?

Over the years Jorgenson Machine Tools have seen both fabrication and chip machine builders come and go. Everybody starts out with good intentions but find it very difficult to compete in today’s hyper-competitive market place. We know — we’ve been doing our thing bringing quality machine tools to our customers in the Rocky Mountain States for half a century. Our machine-producing partners have evolved over the years right along with us, to a place where few suppliers have attained a level of support equal to what Jorgenson Machine Tools delivers to our customers.

Take this category of machines you’re looking at right now, metal cutting band saw machines — it’s one of our founding lines of machines. Yes, the band saw has been with us since day one. We know more about band sawing than just about anyone out there.

Check out our metal cutting band saw line up if you’re looking to get into some real production cutoff capability. The names read like a Hollywood billboard: JMT Saws, Hyd-Mech USA, FMB Saws. Yes folks, you could say we “came a packin’” when it comes to high production cutoff saws.

JMT saws are our everyday go-to saws and our house-brand. We have been working with multiple factories overseas to engineer and build these saws for a number of years and have them tuned to the peak of perfection. Where we might have a better option to fit the customer’s production requirement, we will dip into our bag of tricks and go to maybe a Hyd-Mech for a vertical saw, or for a specific saw type to meet the need, such as a portable saw or a cold saw. Our partners at FMB have a variety of unusual configurations and we will frequently recommend their machine where it makes sense.

Just to give a person an idea of the depth of our band saw machine availability, if you were to inquire about all the possible options we could offer in one specific band saw machine type, let’s say a fully automatic straight cutoff saw with a 13-inch capacity, you might be surprised what we come back with. How about 11 distinctive band saws with all the same criteria as listed above. The depth of our knowledge of production band sawing is second to none in the industry.

Jorgenson Machine Tools is located on the 2800 block of 300 West in Salt Lake City, Utah. Give us a call to set up a personal tour of our facilities, and we’ll walk you through a collection of the most productive fabrication and chip making machines the world has to offer. We continue to grow in our responsiveness to our customers and having more and more of what our customers need (and more than they could even use). Our team of professionals continue to become more and more knowledgeable at what we do in order to make every customer’s experience with us as fulfilling as it can be. These are the pledges we all took as a company as to how we would conduct business moving forward. At Jorgenson Machine Tools the customer comes first, last and always.

Jorgenson Machine Tools — “Strong On Service”