CNC Press Brakes Are Our Specialty

When jobs require the bending of sheet or plate metal, CNC press brakes are an efficient piece of machinery that offers the quality precision you expect. Not all press brakes are created equal and that is because every project is different, this is why we put emphasis on our extensive offering of brakes that vary in tonnage limits and working lengths. It is also important to consider the benefits of mechanical versus hydraulic powered models.

Mechanical press brakes use energy that is added to a flywheel which driven by an electric motor and are valued for their accuracy. Hydraulic brakes use two synchronized hydraulic cylinders that use smooth power strokes to help avoid the slipping of materials.

Most of our models are equipped with intuitive computerized systems to make managing tasks less demanding. Our machines offer broad range of capacities from 66-660 tons for a diversity of projects. You are sure to find a range of brakes to fit your project with our vast assortment of models to choose from.

In the World of CNC Press Brakes, Reputations Are Earned, Not Awarded!

So, you’ve made the decision you’re going to buy a new CNC press brake. Here is the problem though, that last time you purchased a new press brake from a local dealer, you found out their backup wasn’t all it should have been. Unfortunate set of circumstances to be sure, but here is the “shiny side of the coin,” when you went to begin your search for a new press brake this time, you went looking for some knowledgeable sources for this equipment. That’s how you ended up here.

The Right Machine for Every Job, the Right Machine for Every Budget.

The world is literally at your fingertips when you come to Jorgenson Machine Tools for a new CNC press brake. Whatever design style or type of press brake that is currently available on the market, you can get right here. Does the budget allow for a bit more upfront cost, with the idea of long term savings utilizing the latest technology available, we have a press brake for that. Possibly you were thinking you would go for the latest in hydraulic operation and get the specific options to make the brake almost custom for your operations, you guessed it, we got a press brake for that as well. Let’s say you got a specific number from the boss that you could spend getting whatever you want in a press brake, and so you begin to think. If I go to the series of brakes that come with 3 axis as standard, maybe I could get a twelve-footer instead of a ten-footer, yep, got a press brake for that.

For the more budget sensitive group, we have many options of lesser expensive machines made to do lighter gauge material without all the bells and whistles. What if you need a small four-foot brake but you don’t want to give up anything operationally that it’s bigger brothers have, we have one with sixty-six ton bending force and a world-renowned CNC controller. While we are on the topic of small press brakes, we can supply as small as a twenty-four-inch width press brake with twelve ton bending force.

When It Comes to the Latest in Technology, What Is It? Can I Get It Here?

That’s a two-part question, one part easy one part not so much, but fun either way. We’ll answer the second part first, yes you can get it here, the technology part, that’ll take a little bit longer. The technology part is where the fun comes in. In a world intent in reducing its carbon foot print, some designs are taking that philosophy literally.

Imagine a press brake that has not one drop, let alone 70 gallons of hydraulic oil! The press brake is totally electric in its design and has not one hose, one valve, one large tank or any of the required components needed for hydraulic operation. This new machine is driven by inverter controlled servo motors via ground and hardened ball screws.

This new revolutionary drive system is self-lubricating for maximum life. In this new machine design the drive system is not the only thing that has been engineered to the next level. The machines new frame design (base) was evaluated with some of the most sophisticated software and measuring devices available to industry today. What was created from all that effort, is the most ridged frame and base ever devised for a production press brake. O.K. so you got all the precision and repeatability you could ever want. Here’s another benefit of the servo drive, the machine does not gather heat as the day goes on as do hydraulic machines, which require adjustments because of the difference created by excessive heat. The servo drives are virtually silent in their operation while being the fastest machine movement currently available, adding to the number of completed parts at the end of the day. But of course, we leave the best for last, who among us can remember the last time your electrical bill went down? That’s right, never, this is the biggest advantage of the all-electric press bake and its design. In the very broadest average the all-electric press brake consumes at a minimum, 40% less electricity than a conventional press brake. In many comparisons, the all-electric press brake has shown as much as a 60% drop in the consumption of electricity. If you do a lot of bending in an area of the country that might have a higher electrical rate, your operational savings begins to become very noticeable.

Who Can Combine the Experience, Selection, and Quality Your Company Needs?

Jorgenson Machine Tools that’s who! Since the company’s rather humble beginnings in the late 1960’s and early 70’s press brakes have been one of the few machines we have sold since the “early” days of our founding. Since those meager first days our company has grown exponentially and the sales and support have grown right along with the placement of both new and used press brakes.

What is very important and sometimes overlooked is a company’s ability to solve your problem when one occurs with your new press brake.  Be it an operational issue or a piece part production question, we can solve your problem frequently over the phone. Our Service Engineers enjoy one of the best reputations in the industry for fixing a machine right the first time.

Parts, what about parts? We split our parts departments into two separate groups so your call would get routed to the correct parts technician for your assistance. Over the years of machine application experience, we gained the realization we needed to have quality tooling available off the shelf as much as possible. Today we enjoy “factory authorization status” for both Wila and Wilson press brake tooling, and have numerous in stock die rails to fit the more popular sized press brakes.

Don’t Get “Bent” Over Your Next Press Brake Purchase, Come See the Experts!

Jorgenson Machine Tools, “Strong on Service.”