JMT Geometry Plate Roll

JMT HRB-3V Variable Geometry Plate Rolls

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Variable geometry machines available – 1″ to 8″ capacity.


Three-roll variable axis plate rolls are more precise, productive, safer and faster than any other 3-roll benders due to their user-friendly controls that make them less dependent on operator competence.

They are suitable for medium and thick plate bending. Unlike the usual cylinder machines, the lower rolls move horizontally to right and left and the upper roll moves up and down. Similar to a 4-roll machine, the material loads parallel to the floor and not at an angle, like other three rolls.

The side rolls approach the upper roll and the upper roll applies pressure to the plate from the top. This allows pre-bending both sides of the plate without removing it from the machine. The variable geometry 3-roll has a greater pre-bending capacity than other 3-roll bending machines.

The gap on the side rolls are adjustable to maximum levels, allowing thick plates to bend to smaller diameters or wider angles. While most machines in the market can perform a conical bending to three times the top roll diameter, the JMT HRB-3V rolls can easily create a conical bending to 1.5 times the diameter.