Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Alumasteel fabricates structural steel trusts, conveyors, equipment supports, chutes, pipes, hoppers and other components for the oil exploration and industrial mining industries.

We bought our first press brake from Jorgenson Machine Tools in 1976.

They have proven to us they have the technicians and the know-how to help us with any issue that comes up. Their service and support are why we keep going back to them.

~ says Ryan Norton,
General Manager for Alumasteel


In 2012 when Alumasteel decided to replace its aging fabrication equipment, they turned to Jorgenson Machine Tools for help in recommending new machines that could solve a range of production issues.



Frequent Tool Changes

Alumasteel’s fabricating process typically works with carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum in thicknesses ranging from light gauge up to ½ inch. The workflow is a mix of both high and low-volume parts with turnaround times ranging from several days to just a few hours.


Tight Tolerances

Tight part tolerances are important to Alumasteel’s customers since often times the equipment is being assembled in the field so parts have to be durable and go together easily.  The ability to maintain close tolerances is essential especially for parts used in duct and chute applications.


Custom Designs

Alumasteel builds parts to customer specifications. This requires fast turnaround on custom programming and prototyping.


Time Constraints

Trimming time from the production schedule translates directly to Alumasteel’s bottom line.

OUR SOLUTIONSAfter evaluating Alumasteel’s production needs, Jorgenson’s experienced application team recommended a 14-ft. 440-ton JMT brand press brake with a 4-axis backgauge and 10-ft. ½ inch JMT brand plate roll. These JMT machines offer Alumasteel several advantages.

Faster Tool Change Solutions

Faster Tool Changes

The new JMT press brake is equipped with segmented tooling and a multi V tooling die. This tooling configuration allows the operator to change the set-up in a matter of minutes. The press brake ram has a chain and peg configuration so the ram can be used to lift and change the tooling.

Prior to purchasing the new JMT press brake, a crane and two operators were needed for a simple die change. The new tooling set-up lets the operator easily change between light gauge and thicker material.

Faster die changes have contributed to a substatial savings in man-hours.

Tighter Tolerances Solutions

Tighter Tolerances

The heavy-duty construction of JMT press brakes provides for improved accuracy along the entire bend length of the machine. JMT press brakes are rated to tolerances of 0.0004 inches; the width of a human hair! A better part out of the press brake means a better fit up for downstream processes.

If a part is out of tolerance, the compenent is not going to assemble properly for welding and other processes, which in turn would require handwork to correct the problem.

Since we got the new press brake, the operator’s joke that the welders have been able to throw away their hammers because of the improved fit up.

Custom Design Solutions

Custom Designs Streamlined

Custom specs and job parameters can be entered off-line, then are easily recalled by the machine operator using the press brakes’ CNC program and 3-D visual graphic display. When prototyping designs, operators can use the off-line feature to draw and model part bending geometries for multiple bends.

The 3-D visual graphics show areas of interference. Designs can be adjusted before the parts go into production, which streamlines the process and saves time.

Jorgenson sent a team of technicians to our facility for two days of hands-on training. They worked hand-in-hand with us on our cone parts and as a result, we were able to expand our cone production into heavier materials.

Custom Design Solutions

Time Savings

The press brake accuracy and repeatability coupled with the ease of programming are helping to save Alumasteel production time. The back gauge is programmed through the controller, which eliminates the need to stop the machine and manually adjust the back gauge with each part change.

With the new press brake Alumasteel was able to just dial the job in each time and the part is really close the first time. On some parts, Alumasteel has been able to reduce production time by as much as half.

JThis faster throughput has resulted in more business for Alumasteel. A lot of our business is service-oriented, and we win a majority of our jobs because we’re able to get parts to our customers quickly.