Cincinnati 6-Axis Gantry Mill set up to do electrochemical grinding

Cincinnati Bridge Mill


New Machine – Never Used in Production – Government Surplus 

Currently set up to grind Invar, but could easily be set up to do milling.

Jorgenson Machine Tools has acquired a 6-axis (X, Y, Z, A, B, C axis) CNC Cincinnati Gantry Mill (bridge mill) currently configured to do electrochemical profile grinding.

A tolerance of +- 0.0005″ is maintained within entire envelope.

With a U5 bridge type, this model AR-0137 machine is also equipped with a full enclosure and air handling system.

Purchased new in 2007 by the U.S. Government, it only has 200 spindle on hours (used during install) and features a Seimens 840D control.

It has a travel of 265″ on the X-axis, but being a bridge-style machine the X-axis could be easily extended. It has travels of 160″ on the Y-axis and 48″ on the Z-axis.

It is designed for grinding invar (primarily used for composite molds) as well as other metals.

It can be left with its current grinding head, or we can, as an option, retrofit it to virtually any customer’s machining requirements.

If retrofitted to a 5-axis milling head, the Y travels could be extended (machine has 25′ between X-axis rails).  The Z-axis can also be extended to meet the customer’s requirements.

Call Kyle Jorgenson at 801-554-0683 for more information.

If you have a need for a big HEAVY machine like this, you may never see a deal like this again — we are asking 20% of the original purchase price paid by the Government for this machine (price on request).

Bridge Mill 01

Bridge Mill 02

Bridge Mill 03

Bridge Mill 04

Cincinnati Mill Diagram 01

Cincinnati Mill Diagram 02

Cincinnati Mill Diagram 03

Cincinnati Mill Diagram 04

Cincinnati Mill Diagram 05

Cincinnati Mill Diagram 06

Cincinnati Mill Diagram 07

SPECIFICATIONS: Travels: X-Axis (easily extended):  265″ (25′ between X-Axis rails); Y- Axis: 160″ (Y-Axis travel could be increased); Z-Axis:  48″ (Z could be extended or configured for your application) • Tolerances: X-Axis: +/- 50°; B-Axis: +/- 20°; C- Axis: +/- 185° • Feed Rates: X & Z Axis: 0 – 350 IPM; Y Axis: 0 – 300 IPM; A & B Axis: 0 – 540 Degrees per Minute; C Axis: 0 – 288 Degrees per Minute • Electrochemical Grinding Wheel: Diameter: 12″; Width: 2″; Speed: 1,800 RPM • Power Supply: 2,000 AMP D.C. • Work Plate Dimensions: Left to Right: 120″; Front to Back: 144″ • Machine Foot Print: Left to Right: 470″; Front to Back: 766″

EQUIPPED WITH: Siemens 84 OD Controller;  Windows XP operating system; 15.1 Color touch screen LCD monitor; Hand-held pendant; Intel Celeron III with 256 MB Ram; 16 MB real time memory; 12 GB disk drive; 2 Everite electro chemical grinding heads; Automatic dresser and conditioning block w/ Renishaw Touch probe; 500 gallon electrolyte tank; 500 gallon rinse water tank; 500 gallon waste water tank.

This bridge mill has been adapted to grind invar (used in composite molds) as well as other composites. It can be left with its current grinding head, or can be changed over to virtually any spindle head the customer requires. The machine is designed to sit on a elevated concrete wall (X axis). For demonstration purposes we currently have it installed on the floor of our warehouse.

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