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When you need a full-service machine tool dealer look no further than Jorgenson Machine Tools

Jorgenson Machine Tools is dedicated to being a recognized and respected leader in the sales of metal working machinery by providing customers with the right equipment and tools they need to do the right job in the right way.

Specializing in fabrication equipment such as press brakes, plate rolls and angle rolls, HVAC equipment, as well as other types of metalworking machinery.

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A Well Oiled Machine

  • Bambi Rickett

    Co-owner / H.R. Manager
  • Bryan “Bud” Jorgenson

    Co-owner / Sales Manager (So. UT, ID, CO)
  • Dustin Jorgenson

    Co-owner / CEO



We Are Expanding

Jorgenson Machine Tools (a division of Jorgenson Industrial Companies) is a premier full service source for metalworking machinery since 1967. We market new machines in the Rocky Mountain region and Western states and used machines nationwide.

Jorgenson is recognized as a leader among machine tool dealers in the Intermountain West.


The brand “JMT” is born

We began importing under the JMT brand in order to ensure the machines we carry meet our ridged quality standards. Our product designs combine accuracy, speed, flexibility, durability, reliability and advanced technology to deliver machines with the highest performance-to-price ratio in the industry.


Roger Jorgenson Retires

Upon Roger’s retirement in 2008, his children followed in their father's footsteps and purchased the company and took over its management. Now doing business as Jorgenson Industrial Companies, S.S.P. Inc. maintains several divisions, including Jorgenson Material Handling, Jorgenson Lockers and Jorgenson Machine Tools.


New Digs

The time came to buy our own building, instead of continuing to rent from the previous owner. Said Roger, "We moved and bought the building where we are currently located and paid off the stock." The move to a larger building enabled an even greater inventory of machines to be showcased. As the kids got older, Roger's wife Sheila (known to all as "Bunny") became more involved in company operations.

The 7 or 8 employees at that time would eventually grow to over 60, divided between four warehouses in two time zones. "We had 4 or 5 outside salesmen," Roger recalled, "and we sold everything, both machinery and shelving. I made the decision to separate that. I just found out you can’t sell everything, you’ve got to be more specialized." The company was separated out into machinery and material handling divisions.


A Proposition

It was 1989 when Roger and his wife finally took over the business and renamed it Jorgenson Industrial Companies.

In 1988, Jean decided she wanted to get out of the business and approached Roger about buying the company. Roger carefully considered the proposition. He hired a consultant and lined up two business partners. But the partners later backed out and it looked as if the deal would fall through. Finally after more than a year of research, Roger decided to go it alone. He sold his cattle and borrowed money against the family farm to finance the deal.


A New Salesman

Roger Jorgenson, a rancher and former school teacher, was working as a hardware buyer for a local Salt Lake City company when a factory representative that he knew put him in touch with Leon Roskelley, who ran the MR Roskelley machinery business. In 1980, Roger went to work for him and was trained as an outside salesman. Roger was new to selling but quickly learned and became successful.

Six months after Roger joined the company, Leon decided to retire so he sold the machinery inventory to his niece Jean, who ran their sister company, Roskelley Supply, a racking and shelving business. Roger and the other salesmen went to work for Jean, selling racking and shelving as well as machine tools.


DBA Roskelley Supply Co. Inc.

Leon Roskelley, Jean's uncle, owned M.L. Roskelley which had its inception in 1975. The Roskelley name has been in the Intermountain region since and is highly associated with machine tool businesses. Leon was involved with many quality lines, such as Graziano and Chicago Dreis & Krump. He was one of the nation’s oldest "Little Scotsman" service dealers. Leon set up a national distribution system and even imported a lathe from Spain called the "Roskelley".


SSP, Incorporated

The Company SSP, Inc. started under the direction of Harv and Jean Foulks in 1967 and is a registered C corporation in the state of Utah doing business as R. Jorgenson Compnay. The company transacts business all across the United States.

R. Jorgenson Company is a retail dealer in metal working machinery, machine tools, and material handling/warehouse products such as lockers, shelving, and pallet racking.

Why Choose Us


While we stock a large inventory, we’re not able to carry all machines at all times. Therefore we also source machinery from a wide variety of outlets, from other dealers to auctions to consignments. So if you need a machine and don’t see it on our site, let us know and we will find it for you.


We support you after the sale. Our factory-trained service technicians have experience in machinery installation, repair, adjustment, service, upgrade, retrofitting and maintenance. Whether your equipment is mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic, needs electrical troubleshooting or CNC diagnostics.


Need a new punch and die or a spare band saw blade? Our Parts & Tooling Department can find the right tooling, the appropriate replacement parts, and the ideal accessories for you, whether you are running a classic antique lathe or the latest cutting edge cutter (even if you didn’t buy the machine from us).


We’ve teamed with a partner that allows us to help you with liquidations, auctions and appraisals. Since we specialize in metal fabrication equipment, and have been selling used machines since day one, we can help you to get the most out of your equipment. Call us today to schedule a free consultation!